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Anti CONCACAF Petition

Vancouver Fan

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"As a loyal Canadian Soccer fan I grow tired of the incompetence of the officiating in concacaf tournaments. Last nights incredibly stupid offside call is just the tip of the iceberg in which the Canadian Soccer team has been on the losing side of some ridiculously biased calls. I'm sick of it and its time concacaf did something about it."

At least take the effort to spell correctly and say what you want. "CONCACAF" is capitalised, "Last night's" and "it's time" need apostrophes. And what you want is far too vague - "its time concacaf did something about it".

Lame. We can do better than that.

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I signed it, but keep in mind the following (revised) disclaimer:

********* WARNING *****************

Being a fan of the Canadian National Soccer Team can be extremely

dangerous to your mental, physical and psychological health. You

WILL be subjected to the illogical rigours of CONCACAF tournaments,

strange coaching tactics, and availability of your soccer heroes.


especially involving Mexican referees.

You will be tortured by the ridicule of your friends, family,

local media, and the CSA. You will be subjected to second-class

treatment in your own backyard and will be told to remove your

banners and flags of support, while other opposing nationalities

will be pampered and catered to. And your friends would rather golf or

play baseball rather than join you in a patriotic pint while supporting our team.

You will be forced into last minute scheduling changes, while the

broadcasters will accommodate the Jays, F1 racing, or Babe Winkleman

Fishing. Or be forced to buy digital TV channels, and subjected to

community-access quality broadcasting.

And you will like it, because you will be suffering like each member

of the Canadian Men's National Soccer Team, who is subjected to the same

ridicule by their professional teammates. God Bless everyone.

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I was sure I replied to this, but maybe I'm now having deja vu. Anyway, if Canada failed to qualify for a World Cup, I would rather see them lose to superior competition in UEFA than crappy, bribed referees in "CON"CACAF. Of course what would really like to see is Canada qualifying for every World Cup. I got to the point, after watching so much crap refereeing and dirty football in qualifying that I didn't even bother last time round. Go Canada, I'm very proud of our team's efforts in the Gold Cup, and at the same time I'm sickened by Sportsnet for not showing all games live.

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