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Referee - Can v. USA - PERDICTION TIME

The Beaver

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Okay, it is probably already posted somewhere, but if not, what will be the nationality of our referee ce soir?

Since I started the thread, I get first shot:


Seems about right, fits into CONCACAF'S grand plan for a US v. Mexico final.

Personally, I feel that the refs for the two semis should not be citizens of any of the four countries represented in these games. I am hoping for a ref who comes from one of those tiny central american countries that the US has abused for decades. No, I change my mind: for some reason, in this case, the victim tends to side with his oppressor (Stockholm syndrome). Give us a Jamaican, man.

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quote:Originally posted by bc_soccer_fan

Hey The Beaver, could you tell me this week's winning lotto numbers?

Sad thing is that I was going to predict we'd get the very same syphillitic ass-muncher ref that we got.

Lotto 6-49, Saturday: Hume, DeGuzman, DeRosario, Hutch, Stalteri, Onstad (the extra: Hastings, Gerba, Hainault, Jazic) The bonus: Friend

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