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Jazic & Donovan trash-texting ?


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The most relieved person in the stadium last night had to be Landon Donovan. He would have never lived down the fact that with an open net and a chance to put the game out of reach, he swings and misses, then trips up in his own feet.

I'm sure he'll hear about that one from Jazic. Although he can't really say much after his infamous backpass in WCQ.

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AJ: Foiled again, Yank!

LD: We won fair and square - did you see my beautiful goal?

AJ: Dude, it was a penalty - you shot it straight down the middle - do you want a trophy or something? And what's with the hand kissing, for crissakes? You made Pat sick to his stomach.

LD: I could still smell you on my hands from last night.

AJ: ;D Did you see the articles? We made the national press - we may have to cool it for a little while as I think they are on to us.

LD: You don't really still believe that last one was onside, do you? Guch saw it with his own eyes and swears he was off - no question, he says.

AJ: Highway robbery - the fix is in!

LD: What fix? that divet they put in the field on my miss?

AJ: Divet- uh yah, whatever.

LD: Dinner tonight? My place?

AJ: OK. But I'm warning you, I do need a hug but I won't tolerate any more of that damn hand kissing.

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