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Remains at Highbury backing up piece of folklore


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Workman finds remains at Highbury backing up piece of Arsenal folklore LONDON (AP)


A workman on the site of Arsenal's old stadium may have found evidence to back up a piece of club folklore.

It was long rumoured that a horse and cart had fallen into a pit while the original North Bank stand of Highbury stadium was being built in 1913. The story had seemingly been disproved when no remains were found during the stand's redevelopment in 1992 as part of the efforts to make the stadium an all-seater.

But on Tuesday, the Premier League club - which left Highbury a year ago for the nearby Emirates Stadium - said a worker had found two horseshoes and some wood deep beneath where the North Bank had been.

"One of the lads, who is an Arsenal fan, mentioned the story about the horse," said Pat Brennan, the workman who discovered the artifacts. "It's great to think that I may have found some items which have a place in Arsenal's history."

Highbury has already been razed, with just the facades of the east and west stands remaining to be incorporated into an apartment complex.

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