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A number of Canadian soccer related questions...


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Let me first start by saying hello to everyone, its nice to meet a bunch of knowledgeable soccer fans from Canada. To be quite honest, I have never been one to post a thread, however I do pop in from time-to-time to read up on a few things. Obviously, with both Canada and TFC doing well of late, closet soccer fans, like myself, have taken notice.

After watching Canada perform quite well in the GC (let's keep it going!!!!), I have taken a keen interest in reading up on their current and under-20 squads. Having been out of the information loop for some time (maybe a year), I was able to catch up through many of your informative threads.

I was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to answer, clarify, or even give their opinions on the following questions.

- Jacob Lensky -

- I have read that Jacob Lensky has not accepted an invite to the Canadian Junior roster, is it because he is holding out for the Czech Republic, weighing his options, or is he more focused on becoming a constant starter for Feyenoord?

- What type of player could he be for Canada? (ex. adequate starter, world-class starter, etc.)

- Jonathan De Guzman -

- At what point will he have to make a decision on where he would like to play?

- If he does choose Holland, does he have any chance of making the MNT on a consistent basis? Would he even be able to start on an excellent team like the Dutch?

- If Canada finishes top 3 in the GC, does anyone think that may have an impact on JDG2’s decision to play for Canada?

- Would he be comparable to Owen Hargreaves (skill-wise)?

- What type of player could he be for Canada? (ex. adequate starter, world-class starter, etc.)

- Marcel De Jong -

- I’ve read that he has, or will, suite up for the Dutch under-21 team. What are the chances he is capped by the Dutch MNT? Is there any hope for him to still play for Canada?

- What type of player could he be for Canada? (ex. adequate starter, world-class starter, etc.)

-David Edgar –

- He is obviously one of Canada’s most highly touted players; however, what type of player is he projected to become? Will he one day be consider an Ashley Cole, Nesta, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, etc.?

- Does Canada’s future look bright even if they lose players like De Jong, JDG2 and Lensky? I know Hutchinson and a slew of others have made some progress, but to what extent?

- Has Canada played itself into a favorite (among CONCACAF countries) to qualify for the 2010 World Cup?

- If Lensky, De Jong, JDG2 all decide to play for Canada, would we even make it out of the group stages of the World Cup?

- What about current players on the Under-20 squad: Peters, Ricketts, Johnson, etc. What type of players will they amount to?

Sorry for the uneven flow of questions, I was all over the place! Any response to some of these questions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

Go Canada go!

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- a bit of a mystery to everyone here (and to Dale Mitchell apparently), we're not even sure with what country he has ties (Czechs or Slovakia).

Edit: the Dutch Wikipedia has him as Czech.

- He hasn't accepted a callup from EITHER Canada or the Czechs for this summer, but from what I've heard about his father and his central role in his development, I wouldn't hold my breath.

- Apparently, a promissing player (definitely an adequate starter), but who hasn't played much in his first pro season.


- the crown jewel; everything's up in the air and he can still decide to NOT play international football if he wishes.

- I'm guessing he'll probably start looking at his options around 2008, which would be the Euro for Holland (if they qualify) and WCQ for Canada. Canada not making the hex would really hurt his chances of suiting up for us IMO.

- If he were Dutch from the start (he still doesn't have citizenship, he has applied for it), he would have already played for the Oranje and would probably be battling for a starting position.

- IMO, any positive showing from Canada can only encourage him to join, and I still believe that Julian will be the deciding factor. How can you NOT play with your brother?

- He is much more offensive than the Whore, who is strictly a defensive player, and has much greater explosive potential.

- He is potentially a world-class starter.


- He has to decide before his 21st birthday (ie real soon) for whom he wants to play. Realistically, although he's "truly" Dutch, I expect him to choose Canada simply because he doesn't seem to be quite Oranje material.

- He would be an adequate role player for us, depending on the progress of other players (Simpson, Brennan, etc.).

David Edgar: Haven't seen him play enough to compare him to a senior world-class player.

- Even if ALL these players (minus Edgar) choose aother country, Canada's players are on the up. Hutch is on the verge of something special, and we are having more and more players play pivotal roles in European and domestic teams. The last 3 U20 teams to qualify all won their groups and a solid group of youngsters has emerged.

- Canada is not even CLOSE to a CONCACAF favourite. For past examples, look at the 2000 GC and subsequent WCQ. We need games together to allow the team to gel. Making the Hex would be a first in 11 years!!!

- If Canada qualifies for the World Cup, anything can happen from then on.

- If our U20s make a good run, there's a good chance that more will stick in Europe (Ricketts, Jackson for a better level, etc.), but we've seen former U20 players come back from nowhere (Ali) and fall off the face of the earth (Wyn).

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