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Gold Cup viewing in Winnipeg?

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Thursday's early kick-off is pretty crappy but it looks like I can wiggle out of work early enough.

I'm game if anyone else is up for it. Hard to say no to pint and a yell.

Dylan O'Connor's was okay I guess. Nice big-ass projection but a bit far for me. Still, whatever. City isn't that big so I'm pretty easy about location. Have to check with Jake and see if they've got anthing going on Thursday nights and more importantly if they got digital.

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quote:Originally posted by redhat

Great, we'll be there. Are we wearing white or red?

I do have a question though for clarification: is the game on

Sportsnet Digital, or not? Maybe I have to get them to make sure

they have GolTV ...

I believe it is on digital. But I would also make sure that they have Gol TV Canada as well.

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tournament dinner at 6 but i think I will scarf it back (along with some of the complimentary wine) (but not too much - I am more responsible than the old days - booting from the north end to club soda with a car full of "roadies" - c'mon cheeta - you look like my generation or a bit younger - i'm sure you did the same) and make it for the second half.

Go Canada!

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