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Big Soccer is on one of those typical threads again at the moment...but since the GC is on I thought it might be of interest to some people to see that the consensus over there seems to be:

------------T. Howard-----------

-R. Osorio--R. Marquez--O. Onyewu--C. Salcido

-C. Dempsey-P. Pardo--L. Donovan--A. Guardado

---------O. Bravo--D. Suazo----

With only ONE mention of a Canadian (Radzinski) over 66 posts.

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The North America and CONCACAF forum on Bigsoccer is a goofy place. I typically only visist to see if the CONCACAF Abroad thread has been updated, or if there are threads about WC Qualifying formats. Basically, the yanks and the mexicans go there to wank off about their success in qualifying and will thus elevate their nationals above superior players from other CONCACAF nations on the basis of national team success. There is not really a consensus, its just that after a while, posters with a bit of sense just stop posting there.

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