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Soccer in the New World - Documentary (torrents)

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2 part documentary tracing the roots of the beautiful game in North America.

Part 1 looks at the introduction and growth of the game in the early parts of the century. Then on to USA beating England in the 1950 world cup and the memorable Pele years in the NASL.

Part 2 looks the post Pele years in the NASL and continues through the 80s with the Canada's WC86 qualification, the rise and fall of the CSL and the birth of the MLS.

94 min (2 x 74) 974MB 640x368 xvid

Both parts here

At 24 min of the 2nd part they show footage of the CSL's opening game in 1987. I was at that game and all of Ottawa's that season as I had season tickets with my father. In their first season games were actually played in Alymer which is across the river from Ottawa .

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I was just going to say that, as I'm watching it live on GolTV now...seems interesting for Canadians wanting to know the inner working of the CSA, CSL and how the CSL died. It's a great documentary to know, narrated by Dale Barnes.

Edit: For you Toronto Ultras, theirs a 5 second pic of "Mama Lynx" on the special :D, showing how the Toronto Lynx couldn't make it in Toronto. Can't believe it's been that long since I last visited Toronto.

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