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Help!! "Brand Beckham" Survey


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Hi all, I'm in need of a bit of help...

I'm a Canadian masters student currently studying at the University of London. For my thesis, I am conducting a study for the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre, looking at the strength and relevance of David Beckham as a brand and a marketing tool. In order to accomplish this, I've created a survey (which should take approximately 10 minutes) that I'd like to invite you all to complete...

The survey can be accessed at: http://www.survey.bbk.ac.uk/athletebrands/

It is my hope to get a feel for how fans and non-fans alike feel about Beckham, and other athlete brands in general. I'm looking for as many responses as possible, so anyone and everyone with a chance, it would be a huge help!

Thanks in advance, it is much appreciated!

Nicholas Burton

Birkbeck Sport Business Centre

Birkbeck, University of London

Oh, and PS: upon completion of the questionnaire, you can enter in a draw to win the new England national team kit!

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Guest speedmonk42
quote:Originally posted by Soju

Gee I hope I win a Hargreaves kit so I can dress my toilet in it.

That is the kind of post I deleted on the edit....


Great minds think alike....

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