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US Open Cup. (R)

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First Round Results:

(1) Aegean Hawks FC (Arlington, Va.) (USASA) at Harrisburg City Islanders (USL-2)

Harrisburg wins 4-0

(2) Crystal Palace Baltimore (USL-2) at Ocean City Barons (PDL)

Ocean City wins 1-0

(3) Long Island Rough Riders (PDL) at Rochester Rhinos (USL-1)

Rochester wins 1-0

(4) Western Mass Pioneers (USL-2) at Danbury United (USASA)

Western Mass wins 3-2

(5) Michigan Bucks (PDL) at Richmond Kickers (USL-2)

Richmond wins 4-2

(6) Cleveland City Stars (USL-2) at Kansas City Brass (PDL)

Cleveland wins 4-0

(7) RWB Adria (Chicago, Ill.) (USASA) at Carolina Rail Hawks (USL-1)

Carolina wins 4-1

(8) Cincinnati Kings (USL-2) at Milwaukee Bavarians (USASA)

Milwaukee wins 1-0

(9) Azzurri (Dallas, Texas) (USASA) at Atlanta Silverbacks (USL-1)

Atlanta wins 10-0

(10) Lynch’s Irish Pub FC (Jacksonville, Fla.) (USASA) at Charlotte Eagles (USL-2)

Game rescheduled for June 13

(11) Central Florida Kraze (PDL) at Charleston Battery (USL-1)

Charleston wins 3-0

(12) Miami FC (USL-1) at El Paso Patriots (PDL)

El Paso wins 2-2 (4-3 in PK's)

(13) El Paso Indios USA (USASA) at Minnesota Thunder (USL-1)

Minnesota wins 3-2

(14) California Victory (USL-1) at BYU Cougars (PDL)

California wins 2-1

(15) Banat Arsenal (Phoenix, Ariz.) (USASA) at Seattle Sounders (USL-1)

Seattle wins 4-1

(16) Portland Timbers (USL-1) at Bakersfield Brigade (PDL)

Portland wins 2-0

Next Round (June 26):

17 June 26 Harrisburg City Islanders (USL-2) at Ocean City Barons (PDL)

Carey Stadium; Ocean City, N.J. 7:30 p.m. ET

18 June 26 Western Mass Pioneers (USL-2) at Rochester Rhinos (USL-1)

Paetec Park; Rochester, N.Y. 7:35 p.m. ET

19 June 26 Cleveland City Stars (USL-2) at Richmond Kickers (USL-2)

Univ. of Richmond Stadium; Richmond, Va. 7 p.m. ET

20 June 26 Milwaukee Bavarians (USASA) at Carolina Rail Hawks (USL-1)

SAS Soccer Park; Cary, N.C. 7:30 p.m. ET

21 June 26 Lynch’s Irish Pub (USASA) or Charlotte Eagles (USL-2) at Atlanta Silverbacks (USL-1)

Remax Greater Atlanta Stadium; Atlanta, Ga. 7:55 p.m. ET

22 June 26 El Paso Patriots (PDL) @ Charleston Battery (USL-1)

Blackbaud Stadium; Charleston, S.C. 7:30 p.m. ET

23 June 26 California Victory (USL-1) at Minnesota Thunder (USL-1)

James Griffin Stadium; St. Paul, Minn. 7:05 p.m. CT

24 June 26 Portland Timbers (USL-1) at Seattle Sounders (USL-1)

Starfire Sports Complex; Tukwila, Wash. 7 p.m. PT

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They don't seem to have a very good business sense in Atlanta. They don't seem to get much more than that for league games judging by all the empty seats on their webcasts. I suppose they knew what they were doing when they installed multicolour seats to make it look like fans were sitting in them.

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

They make all their money with the giant soccer complex.

Thats why their main club stadium has red mini soccer markings on both halves of their pitch (bush league) and why after only one year their field turf in the main stadium looks about 15 years old.

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3 more free games on USL Live on Tuesday, June 26:

El Paso Patriots (PDL) at Charleston Battery (USL-1) – 7:30 pm ET

Milwaukee Bavarians (USASA) at Carolina RailHawks (USL-1) – 7:30 pm ET

Western Mass Pioneers (USL-2) at Rochester Rhinos (USL-1) – 7:35 pm ET

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I guess. I'm not a fan of restricting what are clearly the top teams from the competition. Can't they just play OTHER teams one round early in the USOC instead of themselves for the remaining spots? Wouldn't that amount to the same thing but not have them eliminate each other?

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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

Good point. Increase the total number of clubs in the competition, allowing all the MLS clubs in.

How many of the American USL-1 clubs go in?

This year all non-MLS clubs joined the competition in the first round, this includes all 9 American USL-1 clubs and 7 USL-2 clubs along with amateur teams from PDL and USASA for a total of 32 teams. The 8 Qualified MLS clubs joined in the third round.

See the following page :


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quote:Originally posted by Blue and White Army

Minutes later, for Whitecap Joel Bailey comes close to scoring from close range, but the Richmond goalkeeper saves it with his feet.

I don't think I can ***edit*** I did.

By the way, speaking of USL Live, you Southsiders have been telling that guy from Swansea that he can watch Whitecaps games on it. However he needs a credit card with a US or Canadian address in order to get it. You might want to let him know that.

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