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According what i saw from the last WC 2006 regarding usa, cr and t&t ...and bringing on all the canadian players that play in europe and mls, i must admit that canada is the 2 nd best team in this concacaf area.....

CANADA HAS MORE QUALITY PLAYERS THAN USA , the thing is the canada was without a coach for 7 months, with no international events for the senior pool, that is insane...

i am from argentina and i am a radzinski fan , he would have played play in argentina.

well i think that now is canada`s time to shine, to develop into the new soccer hype...

NOW u have players to pick from.........at least a playing pool of 35/40 players....

and if u put in a team ....


stalteri mckenna kuklowski edgar

radzinski hutchinson de guzman de rosario

friend jonathan de guzman

and now u have a bench of players !! canada can make 2 teams ......

only good things will come along

regards from bs.as. argentina ...JAVIER

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quote:Originally posted by jpg75

Thanks Javier!

But to be honest, i think both the US and Mexico are ahead of us. If we continue to play well through til next year we have a shot at being the #3 team in the region.

Yes, unfortunetly we do not have the depth of those two.


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i do not agree with u winnipeg fury

usa does not have very talented players

mc bride, reyna, the goalies and pope are gone now i think..... and those were the TEAM

name me some us players that are better than those 15 canadians t that are playing in top teams in europe...

landon donovan is a good player and dempsey, BEASLEY, and the short talented one that plays at reading that is injured...

the thing is that usa has the structure to put together a league... i thinks that usa soccer team is going nowhere at the moment...

but it is canadian time now to take advantage of this spell when most of the team in concacaf are restarting with new guys



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heh, I don't think we can really gain on mexico or the US in depth (especially the US cause they are making huge strides to try and stop sucking) simply by being 1/5 and 1/10 the population. Canada actually should strive to be like argentina, every bit as good as brazil(who has like 5X the people as argentina), just brazil could probably field like 3 or 4 extremely competitive teams for every 1 argentina could.

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I have to agree with Javier, Canada has a nice player pool right now with experienced players and younger guys getting better and better all the time. All we need to do is get this team playing together as much as possible build some team unity and cohesiveness and the sky is really the limit.

If we continue to improve and the confidence grows there is no reason we cant beat USA and Mexico. I am not going to go as far as saying we are the favourites against these 2 but if we continue to get better we will be able to beat them on any given night. As the team has showed we have a lot of quality right now especially in the midfield.

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juby i do not agree with the population theory... china the are lots of them and the cannot make a team!!

HOLLAND , IRELAND , URUGUAY ... they have 5, 6, million people

and to be honest with u i agree that brazil can make 4 teams with its players...

but a brazil "B" or "C" team will lose against the A team of holland , ireland or uruguay or any other small country.

the main problem that canada has is the lack of games at national level, look if canada plays 6/8 friendlies p/year... and i think that that also frustrates the canadian players as well.

but the good side is that now u have a team in mls, 35/40 players playing international soccer in europe...and also the chance to overcome the dull usa team.. and the others in your concacaf area..


and win the gold cup again ..plz..

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