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Okay, what do we know about Guadelope?

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From what I've seen, they're a very skilled but somewhat lacksidasical (sp?) team. Against

Haiti, the goal against them was a PK due to a very poor challenge by the defender. But their

reply goal was of the highlight variety.

Canada cannot just underestimate a team filled with players that ply their trade in

France & Belgium (Moulien, Reims, Tours, Nantes,etc.), Netherlands (Utrecht) and England

(Sheffield United). French internationals from Guadeloupe are Chimbonda, Thuram, Wiltord,

Gallas, and Silvestre. So the pedigree is there.

If we put the same effort as in the CRC game, we should come out on top.

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Facts on Guadeloupe Soccer Team:

Guadeloupe national football team


The Guadeloupe national football team is in fact the regional team of French Overseas Departement Guadeloupe and is controlled by the Ligue Guadeloupéenne de Football, local branch of Federation Francaise de Football. As part of French Republic, Guadeloupe is not a member of FIFA, and is therefore not eligible to enter the World Cup, but they do compete in CONCACAF competitions.

Recent Events

By reaching the semi-finals of the Caribbean Nations Cup 2007, the team qualified for their first ever Gold Cup.

Gold Cup record

1991 to 1996 - Did not qualify

1998 - Did not enter

1996 to 2005 - Did not qualify

2007 - Qualified

Notable (former) players

Jocelyn Angloma

Other French internationals from Guadeloupe

Pegguy Arphexad

Pascal Chimbonda

Bernard Lambourde

David Sommeil

Lilian Thuram

Marius Trésor

Ronald Zubar

Stéphane Zubar

First international

Martinique 6 - 0 Guadeloupe

(Martinique; Date Unknown, 1934)

Biggest win

Guadeloupe 11 - 0 USVI

(Haiti; April 12, 2001)

Biggest defeat

Martinique 6 - 0 Guadeloupe

(Martinique; Date Unknown, 1934)

Martinique 8 - 2 Guadeloupe

(Martinique; Date Unknown, 1975)

From Gold Cup Site:



Name Pos. D.O.B. Club

15 Jocelyn Angloma MD 07.08.1965 Etoile de Morne-à-l'Eau

8 Stéphane Auvray MD 04.09.1981 Vannes FC

10 Aurélien Capoue AT 28.02.1982 FC Nantes

2 Miguel Comminges DF 16.03.1982 Reims

4 Philippe Durpes DF 06.03.1974 Romorantin

23 Marius Fausta GK 28.04.1973 Evolucas

12 Cédrick Fiston AT 12.04.1981 A.J.S.S.

21 David Fleurival DF 19.02.1984 FC Tours

9 Ludovic Gotin AT 25.07.1985 CS Moulien

1 Franck Grandel GK 17.03.1978 FC Utrecht/NED

17 Lery Hannany MD 01.10.1982 Racing Club

13 Jean Luc Lambourde MD 10.04.1980 Amical Club

3 Willy Laurence MD 03.04.1984 Etoile de Morne-à-l'Eau

22 Loic Loval AT 28.09.1981 FC Utrecht/NED

16 Fabrice Mercury GK 06.08.1981 CS Moulien

7 Dominique Mocka MD 13.08.1978 JS Vieux-Habitants

18 Ludovic Quistin MD 24.05.1984 Tamworth FC/ENG

11 Fabien Raddas AT 07.03.1980 Poissy

19 Richard Socrier AT 28.03.1979 Brest

14 David Sommeil DF 10.08.1974 Sheffield United/ENG

20 Michael Tacalfred DF 23.04.1981 Dijon

5 Constant Therezine MD 23.09.1974 AS Gosier

6 Alain Vertot DF 14.11.1972 Etoile de Morne-à-l'Eau

TD: Roger Salnot

Head of Delegation: Guy Roch

Delegates: Jean Bernard Cornely, Alex Parnasse

Press Officer: Franck Louis

Doctor: Jean-Jacques Gallais

Security Officer: Daniel Ariste


Non-FIFA/Non-NF-Board Teams

Åland | Alderney | Andalucia | Aragon | Azores | Balearic Islands | Basque Country | Brittany | Bornholm | Canary Islands | Cantabria | Cartagena | Christmas Island | Chuuk | Cocos (Keeling) Islands | Catalonia | Cornwall | Corsica | Crimea | Curaçao | Falkland Islands | French Guiana1 | Frøya | Galicia | Guadeloupe | Gibraltar | Guadeloupe1 | Guangxi | Guernsey | Isle of Man | Jersey | Kiribati | Kosovo | Kurdistan | Madeira | Marshall Islands | Martinique1 | Mayotte | Micronesia3 | Nagaland | Nauru | Nevis | Niue3 | Northern Mariana Islands3 | Orkney | Palau3 | Pohnpei | PEI | Quebec | Republic of Srpska | Réunion2 | Saint-Martin1 | St. Pierre & Miquelon | Sark | Shetland | Silesia | Sint Maarten1 | Sikkim | Tobago | Tuvalu3 | Vatican City | Wallis and Futuna | Yap |

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From the Caribbean Cup top scorers:



1. Nigel Codrington 10 Guyana

Shandel Samuel 10 St. Vincent

2. Reinier Alcantara 7 Cuba

3. Paul Ifill 6 Barbados

Gregory Richardson 6 Guyana

Dominique Mocka 6 Guadeloupe

Gary Glasgow 6 Trinidad & Tobago

4. Jonathan Faña 5 Dominican Republic

Randolph Jerome 5 Guyana

5. Ramon Ocaña 4 Cuba

Peter Byers 4 Antigua & Barbuda

Mark McCammon 4 Barbados

Kwame Steede 4 Bermuda

Eliphene Cadet 4 Haiti

Fritzson Jean-Baptiste 4 Haiti

Jean-Luc Lambourde 4 Guadeloupe

Fucien Brunel 4 Haiti

6. Gavin Glinton 3 Turks & Caicos Islands

Ariel Martinez 3 Cuba

Ian Lake 3 St. Kitts & Nevis

Jaime Colome 3 Cuba

Nesley Jean 3 Bahamas

John Barry Nusum 3 Bermuda

Lester More 3 Cuba

Alexandre Boucicaut 3 Haiti

7. Anthony Abrams 2 Guyana

Richard O'Connor 2 Anguilla

George Isaac 2 St. Kitts & Nevis

Ludovic Gotin 2 Guadeloupe

Kevin Lamey 2 Jamaica

Jamil Jean-Jacques 2 Haiti

Josue Mayard 2 Haiti

Domico Coddington 2 Bermuda

Wilfred Smith 2 Jamaica

Wesley John 2 St. Vincent

Yordinas Alvarez 2 Cuba

Khano Smith 2 Bermuda

Norman Forde 2 Barbados

Gerald Gavarin 2 Guadeloupe

Gayson Gregory 2 Antigua & Barbuda

Jonathon Moseley 2 Bahamas

Jocelyn Angloma 2 Guadeloupe

Osvaldo Alonso 2 Cuba

Roody Lormera 2 Haiti

Xavier Bullet 2 Martinique

Kerry Baptiste 2 Trinidad & Tobago

Shawn Bishop 2 Guyana

Neil Harvey 2 Barbados

Leonel Duarte 2 Cuba

Alain Cervantes 2 Cuba

Fabien Raddas 2 Guadeloupe

8. Rudy Lay Arencibia 1 Cuba

Leon Whittaker 1 Cayman Islands

Shemord Thompson 1 Bahamas

Maxime Fleuriot 1 Turks & Caicos Islands

Happy Hall 1 Turks & Caicos Islands

Jensy Muñoz 1 Cuba

Tyronne Maria 1 Netherlands Antilles

Wendell Rennie 1 Grenada

Gordon Kinsaini 1 Surinam

Orlando Grootfaam 1 Surinam

Yann Girier-Dufournier 1 Martinique

Steeve Meslien 1 Martinique

Johan Souraya 1 Martinique

Kevin Saint Louis Augustin 1 Martinique

Tamarley Thomas 1 Antigua & Barbuda

Jamie Thomas 1 Antigua & Barbuda

Gaekwad St. Hilaire 1 Anguilla

Kapil Assent 1 Anguilla

Atiba Harris 1 St. Kitts & Nevis

Judes Vaton 1 Martinique

Jeffrey Williams 1 Barbados

Paul Lovell 1 Barbados

Jevon Francis 1 St. Kitts & Nevis

Alain Vertot 1 Guadeloupe

Girdon Connor 1 Anguilla

Brian Neblett 1 Barbados

Demar Phillips 1 Jamaica

Jean-Jacques Pierre 1 Haiti

Marc-Herold Gracien 1 Haiti

Kendal Velox 1 St. Vincent

Roland Dean 1 Jamaica

Mones Chery 1 Haiti

Fabrice Noel 1 Haiti

Germal Valcin 1 St. Lucia

Keith Jennings 1 Bermuda

Aljame Zuill 1 Bermuda

Darius Cox 1 Bermuda

Fabian Dawkins 1 Jamaica

Andrew Douglas 1 St. Vincent

Renson Haynes 1 St. Vincent

Bryce Pierre 1 US Virgin Islands

Luis Corporan 1 Dominican Republic

Kerbi Rodriguez 1 Dominican Republic

Rodrique Audel 1 Martinique

Jeniel Marquez 1 Cuba

Sergio Aroepa 1 Surinam

Vangelino Sastromedjo 1 Surinam

Marlon James 1 St. Vincent

Kenroy Skinner 1 Barbados

Dyson James 1 Barbados

Gavin Christie 1 Bahamas

Wesley Charles 1 St. Vincent

Frederic Phaan 1 Guadeloupe

Kayode McKinnon 1 Guyana

Kervin Severino 1 Dominican Republic

Darly Batista 1 Dominican Republic

Collie Hercules 1 Guyana

Steve Bizacene 1 Guadeloupe

Sean Glynn 1 St. Vincent

Darryl Roberts 1 Trinidad & Tobago

Howard Lowe 1 Guyana

Wilfred Loiseau 1 Guadeloupe

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Guadeloupe players very much in evidence at the World Cup

Monday, June 12, 2006

by Danik Ibrahim Zandronis

Caribbean Net News Guadeloupe Correspondent

Email: danik@caribbeannetnews.com


BASSE-TERRE, Guadeloupe: The French national football team, also known as “Les Bleus (The Blues)” is largely made up of native Guadeloupean players.

Thierry Henry, Arsenal’s top scorer, is considered as one the most dangerous strikers in the world. Henry’s family is from the small Guadeloupean island of La Desirade.

Lilian Thuram (Juventus) is also Guadeloupean-born and, though a defensive player, scored twice, in 1998, when France became world champions. With Mickael Sylvestre (Manchester), William Gallas (Chelsea), and Pascal Chimbonda, they are considered as the “black guard” of the French team. The sixth one is Louis Saha (Manchester).

So, 50 per cent of the French national team on the field could be from Guadeloupe. That’s why this year, more than ever, Guadeloupeans are very interested in this World Cup. Some of them really think that, without these French West-Indian players, “Les Bleus” could never be at that level in such a competition.

On Tuesday, when France faces Switzerland, the whole of Guadeloupe will be watching their television screens to support what they consider to be “their” team. During the match at 10 am (local time), the daily activities of many businesses will slow down.

Most Guadeloupeans are usually fans of the Brazilian football team but this year is unusual because Guadeloupean football fans are divided into several groups: one for the French team and others for the Brazilian or Trinidadian teams.

In 1998, when France won the World Cup for the first time in its history, after the tremendous final match against Ronaldo’s Brazil, many Guadeloupeans both felt happy and unhappy.

Eight years later, the situation is quite different: in the streets of Basse-Terre and Pointe-à-Pitre, the two main cities of Guadeloupe, football is a frequent topic. In shops, it’s not easy to find television sets to buy. But nobody is betting on a new French victory.

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quote:Originally posted by JPB

In pre-tournie games, against whom (amongst Gold Cup entrants) has Guadeloupe played. What were the results?

Have Guadeloupe played against France in recent years?

Here from ELO are all the games they have played.

World Football Elo Ratings: Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe matches, ratings and points exchanged

date match tournament rating rank


In May 29 1987 they play a Friendly in France against a Reunion team. They won 3-0

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Thanks for the link, Georg. I see that in recent years they have not played France or any other major footballing country. Understandable.

This year Guadeloupe played 10 international matches, of which they won 4, lost 4, tied 2. They scored 14 goals (1.4 per game) and allowed 17 (1.7 per game). Respectable.

Five of those games were in Caribbean Cup competition. They exchanged wins with Cuba in two games. Lost one, won one, against Haiti. And lost to Guyana in a high-scoring result (3-4) early in the tournament. They were semi-finalists along with Cuba, and Trinidad and Tobago, and Haiti -- against whom Guadeloupe lost (0-3). Haiti won the Cup.

In warm-up friendlies (all at home), Guadeloupe won one, tied one, against Dominica. Tied Trinidad and Tobago. They lost a friendly in Martinique.

And this week they tied with Haiti (1-1). So in recent games against Haiti, Guadeloupe has one win, one loss, and one tie.

Ten recent games, a semi-final finish, and a 1.4 to 1.7 goals for/against ratio.

Looks like they are still charting new territory and remain largely an unknown quantity.

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I saw highlights of their group play at the Digicel Cup. They have skill, but defensively they are awful. The play at the back in the loss to Guyana was beyond inept. Also, in the Cuba game the Cubans created loads of chances, but seemed to misfire alot. The addition of Sommeil and Fleurival should help though. Angloma i believe is in the holding mid/distributor role similar to which Nash played on Wednesday.

Here's what i found out a few weeks ago:

Franck Grandel (FC Utrecht/NED) -> backup keeper for Utrecht, played 2 games this year.

David Sommeil (Sheffield United/ENG), -> Released by Man City last summer. 5GP this year. relegated.

Miguel Comminges (Reims/FRA), -> 13GP, 2YC

David Fleurival (FC Tours/FRA), Capt. of Tours, they are being relegated to Nat. Conf.

Philippe Durpes (Romorantin/FRA), French Conference national (3rd D)

Ludovic Quistin, Tamworth striker, Eng. Conference (subbed on in the Haiti game)

Jocelyn Angloma, retired French international (played for Valencia earlier this decade)

Stéphane Auvray, French Conference national (3rd D)

Aurélien Capoue (FC Nantes/FRA) -> 10 GP, 0 Goals (in 05/06 he scored 3 in 20 GP) now relegated to Ligue 2.

Loic Loval (FC Utrecht/NED), -> 16GP, 2 Goals

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I don't know how much you can tell from their previous results, at least half their lineup against Haiti were reinforcements that had not played for them before. As you might expect, they looked like a team of decent players that had never played together before.

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