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CSL average Player Salary

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Hi I was thinking of playing in the CSL next season.

Can somebody tell me what the Average Salary for a

player during the 6 month season is.

and do you get rent/apartment stipened?

I heard different figures.

I'd say perhaps $5,000-$10,000 for 6 months

or $300-$400 per game.

which is roughly $1,000/month.

Can any former players/coaches confirm this

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everyone on this board will tell you something different.

the salary for CSL team differ GREATLY from team to team. There are around three teams who do not pay players at all. There's a group of teams that only pay certian players and a few teams that pay the majority of the team.

what you should really do is call up the teams and ask them, there really isnt enough acurate information on CSL salaries to tell you an average.

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