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Venezuela - Canada: Lineups and predictions


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Am I correct in assuming that Canada's roster for Venezuela is the Gold Cup roster, minus the three reserves? In that case, from the following players, what is your starting lineup for tonight?



G 1 Greg Sutton 8 30 Toronto FC/MLS

D 2 Adam Braz 11 25 Toronto FC/MLS

D/M 3 Ante Jazic 16 31 LA Galaxy/MLS

D 4 Marco Reda 6 29 Toronto FC/MLS

D 5 Andrew Hainault 2 20 FK Siad Most/Ceska Republika

M 6 Julián de Guzmán 19 26 Deportivo La Coruna/España

D/M 7 Paul Stalteri 53 29 Tottenham Hotspur/England

M 8 Kevin Harmse 1 22 LA Galaxy/MLS

F 9 Rob Friend 10 26 FC Heerenveen/Nederland

F 10 Ali Gerba 7 24 FC Göteborg/Sverige

D/M 11 Richard Hastings 36 30 Inverness CT/Scotland

D 12 Gabriel Gervais 10 30 Impact de Montréal/USL

D/M 13 Atiba Hutchinson 23 24 FC København/Denmark

M/F 14 Dwayne De Rosario 37 29 Houston Dynamo/MLS

M 15 Patrice Bernier 19 27 Tromsø I.L./Norge

M 16 Martin Nash 32 31 Vancouver Whitecaps/USL

F 17 Iain Hume 16 23 Leicester City/England

M 18 Issey Nakajima-Farran 2 23 FC Vejle Boldklub/Denmark

M 19 Antonio Ribeiro 0 26 Impact de Montréal/USL

G 22 Joshua Wagenaar 1 22 ADO Den Haag/Nederland

Here's mine:

------------------- Sutton --------------------

---- Stalteri -- Hainault -- Reda -- Jazic ----

-- Hume -- Bernier -- De Guzman -- Hutchinson--

----- De Rosario (withdrawn) -- Friend --------

Also, the predictions thread seems to be a dying breed around here, but I'll throw in my two cents

Final score: Venezuela 2 - 1 Canada

Canada first goal: Hutchinson, 48th minute, strike

Canada first yellow: Reda

For what it's worth, the CSA will be taking their regular, but rather technologically backward, approach of offering a PDF tracker of the match:


This confirms the roster I listed above.

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I have Venezuela winning 3-1.

My lineup:






I wouldn't mind Wagenaar playing the second half, think he did well againt Hungary.

I'm scared with our backline, Reda could start over Gervais at CB or Stalteri at CB and Gervais at RB. Is Jazic or Hastings at CB an option? If yes, I would try a pairing or Hastings/Jazic with Hainault...

I'm looking for Harmse, Issey and Gerba to get some minutes.

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Close to what you have:

---------------- Sutton --------------------


-De Guzman--Hutchinson--De Rosario--Bernier-


I'd love to see what Hume and Friend could do up front. Hutchinson in front of the back four, distributing the ball. De Rosario playing off the front two.


Canada - 2

Venezuela - 1

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Come on guys, you gotta believe:



---Bernier------Hutch------De Guzman



Canada 1, Venezuela 0

Goal from Issey

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------Hutchison----------de Rosario-------


I don't want to make a prediction -- because the bad guys would win.

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I think there is consensus of who our starters should be. Hopefully Hart wont deviate from this and put harmse and nash in the midfield. Hastings and Issey should get some playing time.

It will be exceedingly difficult for Canada to score even one goal in Venezuela. I wouldnt count on it, especially since our more skilled players, hutch and deguz, will be firmly implanted infront of our weakish central defense. Venezuela is very motivated at the moment, they will come at us 1000%. factoring in their intense preparation and our complete lack of preparation, i think we might be in for a serious drubbing the likes of which we have not encountered for a few years.

that being said a Canadian tie or win is not out of the question, as Venezuela is really not that good.

its odd how i would not be at all surprised by a 4-0 Ven win, or a 2-0 Canada win.

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Canadá: Greg Sutton; Adam Braz, Ante Jazic, Marco Reda y Andrew Hainault; Paul Stalteri (Julián de Guzmán), Atiba Hutchinson, Patrice Bernier e Issey Nakajima; Ali Gerba y Rob Friend. DT: Stephen Hart.

That is not an entirely unreasonable defense and forwards group, but I'd have a hard time understanding a lineup in which neither JDG or DDR were starters.

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quote:Originally posted by Sigma

Possible line-ups from Meridiano...

Venezuela: Renny Vega; Luis Vallenilla (Héctor González), Oswaldo Vizcarrondo, José Manuel Rey y Jorge Rojas; Javier Villafraz, Luis Vera, César González (Jesús Gómez) y Ricardo David Páez; Daniel Arismendi, Nicolás Fedor. DT: Richard Páez

Canadá: Greg Sutton; Adam Braz, Ante Jazic, Marco Reda y Andrew Hainault; Paul Stalteri (Julián de Guzmán), Atiba Hutchinson, Patrice Bernier e Issey Nakajima; Ali Gerba y Rob Friend. DT: Stephen Hart.

Árbitro: Carlos Eduardo López (COL).

Asistentes: Luis Sánchez y Jorge Urrego.

Estadio: José "Pachencho" Romero de Maracaibo

Hora: 7:30 de la noche


so that would be a 4-4-2 looking like this:




I guess we aren't seeing DeGuzman because he only travel wednesday...

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hmmmm, I've always been a little confuse by the rigidness of our formations, by and large were strongest in the midfield, why don't we take a chance and run a 3-5-2 or a 4-5-1, with so much defensive talent in the midfield it'd probably work to only have 3 at the back.

edit: hell, a 3-6-1 might even work...

edit: by 3-6-1 I mean a few things, 3-2-3-2, 3-1-4-2,3-2-3-1-1 etc

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The first Venezuelan formation dosent seem far off at all. I would hope for Hume ahead of Gerba though.

I also would love to see us try a 3-5-2 again. I could see:






This is strong defensivley and offensivley.

My gut is saying 2-1 Venezuela, but I dont see a 1-1 draw or 2-1 Canadian win being immpossible if we clear our lines smartly on defence and have the decisivness to pull the trigger as much as possible.

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I'd take these Venezuelan predictions of our lineup with a grain of salt, they are more interested in their own preparations and I suspect that these are just best guesses.

This is our only preparation for the Gold Cup and we start against our toughest opponent, the line up should be close to what Hart wants to see against Costa Rica. Biggest worry is the centre backs, pick who is most likely to start in the tournament and give them time to familiarize with each other. I would think Hainault and Reda, but if Reda is not yet over his injury then Gervais would work, all are natural center backs. Hastings is not, besides aside from Stalteri and DeRo, he hasn't played with any of these guys, to put him in a new position with unfamiliar teammates is to set him up for failure. I like Stalteri and Jazic at the wings, they both like to join the attack from there and they provide stability and experience at the back. Stalteri at mid seems odd as he hasn't played there for two years and there is a glut of mids on this team. Use Braz and Hastings as subs to see how they do.

A mid field of Bernier, Huthchinson, DeRosario and Deguzeman seems likely. The question seems to be who plays where. Personally I like Bernier and DeGuzeman on the wings and Hutchinson in front of the Defense with DeRosario behind the forewards and able to join the attack. The idea that Hutch and DeGuzeman should both be in front of the Centre backs also works. If Deguzeman is tired from travel, try Harmse with Hutchinson in the center. Issey and Nash can be subed in for a late look.

Up front I like Hume and Friend, but Hart may prefer Gerba. I would rather Hume as he is more direct at running with the ball at defenders and he has to learn to control his temper against central american acting and a friendly is a good place to do it.

If sportsnet is no longer carrying the game tonight then that sucks, I was looking foreward to it then watching the second half of Vancouver at Montreal.

Oh yeah predictions, 2-2 Friend and Hutchinson for Canada, Hume or Stateri for first card.

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That Meridiano starting 11 is the same as Spanish news service EFE had a few days ago. I think the one from El Universal makes more sense for both sides.

Hart was talking a good game about playing an attacking game and playing one-touch soccer, so playing Stalteri and Hutchinson in the midfield would bear that out. I'm assuming DeRo will play in his wide left/No. 10 roving role as he has under Hart and Yallop. So it will be more of a 4-3-3/4-3-1-2 than a 4-4-2.

The idea of Braz marking Arango scares the crap out of me, but any time I think that he seems to get the job done by the skin of his teeth.

I'm looking forward to this one.



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