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NTC's questions?


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Who are the coaching staffs?

I think it 's usually provincial teams coaches.

How are players allocated?

They're scouted by provincial and national coaches.

What's going on with them?

I guess they are training right now and trying to get notice by NT, NCAA and Pro coaches.

What players are attending?

I remember seeing list on various provincial sites.

Here's the list for Quebec players who've been identified:


Here's some informations about how it works (it's in french) but they're basically confirmming what I said about the selection process (NT and PT coaches will identify the athletes):


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On the Prairies...


The coaching staff for AB, SK and MB are primarily volunteers! Only a small group of paid staff.

Players are generally selected from Provincial Select Teams. What is disappointing is that the NTC-P often make selections from this player pool from a single scouting opportunity. The NTC staff are rarely, if ever, seen at Club games, Provincial championships, etc.. They don't liaise with the club coaches, and have little dialogue with the Provincial coaches.

For the most part, they train Sept. - March, with scouting weekends sprinkled in during the winter.

You will see from the amateur-ish website that the NTC-P is run with little funding. You would think that if they are beneath the CSA umbrella that the website would be hosted and maintained by someone wiht the National association.

Contrast our NTC programs with the US ODP program...night and day.

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