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Venezuela's Copa America stadiums in doubt


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Venezuela's Copa America stadiums in doubt


Venezuela's Copa America stadiums in doubt

CARACAS, May 23 (Reuters) - Venezuela's Copa America stadiums may not all be ready in time, the South American Football Confederation (CSF) said on Wednesday after a week-long inspection.

Eugenio Figueredo, the confederation's vice-president, said his team would be back in June for another visit to see if all the work had been finished.

Venezuela has ambitious plans to host this year's 12-team event at nine different venues around the country, including five brand new stadiums.

'We will return on June 1 to see if the timetable has been kept to and then we will make the final decision on where the games will be played,' Figueredo told reporters.

The Copa is due to start on June 26 and Figueredo said work at some venues was being left to the last minute.

'It could be June 10 or 12 before everything is finished,' he said. 'The deadline has been pushed back for a variety of problems.'

Figueredo, however, paid tribute to the host nation's attempt to take the tournament to so many regions.

'The challenge which Venezuela has taken on, in wanting to take the Copa America to nine venues, is more than heroic,' he said.

'The whole country is working intensely to hold the most modern version of this event that has ever been seen.'

Jorge Rodriguez, president of the local organising committee, promised all the stadiums would be ready.

'We swear that there will be nine venues, the work is advancing and overcoming all the obstacles. I want to ratify the Copa America in each one of the cities,' he said.

'In addition, we are sure we will have full houses at every game, given the overwhelming demand for tickets.

The fixture list and venues for the event were announced following the draw in February and any changes in venues at this stage would cause huge logistical problems

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