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Gold Cup


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This seems like as good a place as any to link to Sstackho's story of "our proudest moment", the day Canada's heroic warriors beat 10-man Martinique. (Scroll down about halfway.)

(I'd been looking in the forums for this for awhile and thought I'd link to it for those who haven't previously seen it or for those who wanted to relive that great day.)

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Love sstackho's "Guatemalan referee Carlos "Blind as a" Batres" description.

The referee can make or break any effort our boys would provide on the field.

The 2005 edition gave quite a few breaks for the Ticos (eg. red card to McKenna) and

to the Americans (eg. no card to Donovan for striking Braz). And the 2003 junior ref

edition missed a few calls when we played the Cubans.

And nor should I remind everyone about the CONCACAF referees that insisted that our

Honduras games must all end in a tie during 2004 WCQ. There are still nightmares

about that Mexican ref disallowing the go-ahead goal with a phantom infringement call.

(Archundia ...)

I would say we have a better than 60% chance of advancing, only to be limited by

the incompetant CONCACAF officiating. As for our finest moment, I think it's the one

where we surprised Mexico in the QF's in 2000. And Hastings is back on our team

this time ...

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