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CSL Week 2

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Result of the Friday May 18, 2007 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Trois Rivieres Attak played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm.

54 min…SWE Gabriel Pop GOAL…Pop 4 yard shot on loose ball in box is low and into left corner of net beyond goalie Vincent Cournoyer. SWE Sasa Viciknez had run up right side by defender and sent in pass.

72 min…SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL…Viciknez gets pass after cross from left has defender miss and Viciknez gets around defender cutting along 8 yards and he bends shot over goalie into left side of net.

86 min…TRA Elkana Mayard GOAL…Mayard gets short blast into net from 6 yards off underside of back crossbar over goalie Dusan Belic.

Final Score:…….Serbian White Eagles………2……………Trois Rivieres Attak………..1…………

Attendance was about 225 on this cool evening. This was the first game of the season for White Eagles and the second for Attak who tied Toronto Croatia 0-0 last weekend in Trois Rivieres. I thought the crowd was smaller than most of their crowds last year and didn’t have many in the crowd leading cheers. A family had brought seat cushions from the Toronto FC game last week and actually sat on them instead of throwing them. The weather wasn’t so nice and it was the start of the holiday weekend.

The CSL leading goal scorers of the 2006 season both had a goal each for the White Eagles. They ran away with the titles last year as top scorer and MVP. Goaltender Dusan Belic was listed as the head coach. Dragoslav Sekularac was coach at the time of the final game last year. White Eagles have also added scoring punch with Osni Neto from Brazil who played in 2006 for Toronto Lynx when they were in the USL Division One and he had some good runs and passes tonight. The team should improve if they can get their timing together.

The Attak are the farm team of the USL Division 1 Montreal Impact. They had a few chances to tie the game late when after their goal; TRA Massimo Di Ioia’s 22 yard freekick blast up middle was wide left of net at 93 minutes. At 94 minutes TRA Fabrice Lasonde on a 3 on 2 break got away a 12 yard shot from the right that the goalie blocked on his right post and pushed ball wide for a cornerkick. Referee Joe Fletcher stopped the game there without letting the Attak get away a cornerkick. The Attak step into the league and are immediately competitive. They should get better with a few breaks and if the roster stays stead without a lot of call ups to the Impact.

The Attak dominated the end of the game after the second White Eagles goal. There advantage was dulled somewhat when Jean-Louis Besse was injured at 79 minutes and had to be treated off the field. The Attak had already used their two outfield players (plus one goalie) they brought as subs and had to play short. They have to play another game in Toronto this Sunday at Canadian Lions. They should have Abrahim Baldeh available for that game as he was serving a suspension for picking up a Red card in their opener and was hanging around the press box tonight.

Complete player roster for Attak: Vincent Cournoyer; Paul Moran, Olivier Brett, Elkana Mayard, Alex Surprenant; Fabrice Lasonde, Boubacar Coulibaly, Danny Anderson Guillaume Barrette; Massimo Di Ioia, Nicolas Lesage. Subs:..Gerardo Argento (goalie), Francois Boivin, Jean-Louis Besse

White Eagles: Dusan Belic; Dragan Radovic,Joshua Gordon, Milan Janosevic, Milos Scepanovic; Osni Neto, Nenad Stojcic, Nikola Budalic, Alex Braletic; Gabriel Pop, Sasa Viciknez Subs:…Milan Janikic, Ibrahogly Yakta, Ratomir Boroja, Bojan Budisavljevic, Noel Ellerton, Miodrag Bogdanovic (goalie).

CSL Executive Director Stan Adamson was here tonight and talked about having the Toronto Croatia vs Serbian White Eagles regular season match ups and the playoff championship game played at the new BMO Field in Toronto. Also these games may be broadcast using live internet audio to listen on the web and telephone pay-per-listen option for those without an internet connection.

Rocket Robin


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There were three games in the CSL tonight:

Italia Shooters 4, North York Astros 0

Trois-Rivieres Attak 2, Canadian Lions 1

Portuguese Supra 2, St. Catharines Wolves 2


Sunday - May 20, 2007

Astros drop opener 4-0

Italia Shooters romped 4-0 over North York Astros, Trois-Rivieres Attak edged Canadian Lions, 2-1, and Portuguese Supra tied St. Catharines Wolves, 2-2, in three games played in the Canadian Soccer League Sunday.

Jason De Thomasis led Italia with two goals at Esther Shiner Stadium in a game dominated by the current CSL champions who led 3-0 at the interval. De Thomasis opened the scoring just five minutes into the game and Fitroy Christey made it 2-0 nine minutes later. De Thomasis scored his second goal for a 3-0 score at 34 minutes and that score held until two minutes from time when Stalin Cardinas scored the fourth.

Astros chose the opener to introduce Diego Maradona, the 18 year old nephew of the legendary player of the same name and son of Lalo Maradona.

Trois-Rivieresa Attak split a weekend swing into Ontario with a 2-1 victory over Canadian Lions following the Quebec team’s 2-1 loss to Serbian White Eagles on Friday night.

Trois-Rivieres went ahead at 31 minutes on a strike by forward Jean-Louis Besse for a 1-0 lead at half-time. Nicolas Lesage made it 2-0 three minutes into the second half and in the 88th minute Lions’ forward Nordo Gooden found the net to reduce the lead. But the score held up for a 2-1 Attak win.

Portuguese Supra came off a 5-3 win over Windsor Border Stars on May 11 looking for a similar result over the visiting St. Catharines Wolves at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke in Toronto’s extreme west end. The Portuguese team went ahead 1-0 on a goal by forward Jesse Barcia and two minutes past the interval defender Carlos Zaballos made it 2-0.

But St. Catharines fought back and midfielder Tony Marmigas cut the score to 2-1 at the 78th minute mark and a penalty awarded following a hand ball brought a tying goal by Wolves’ Antonio Strangs at 85 minutes for a final 2-2 tie.

Games in the Canadian Soccer League resume May 25.

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Result of the Sunday May 20th, 2007 CSL game between North York Astros and Italia Shooters played at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York at 4:00pm.

5 min…Shooters Jason De Thomasis GOAL…De Thomasis on right from 8 yards blasts shot into top left corner of net over goalie Haidar Al-Shaibain.

14 min…Shooters Fitzroy Christey GOAL…Astros goalie had just missed making stop but kicker couldn’t get rebound. Astros defender makes stop on line; Christey slides 12 yarder through crowd of players into net.

34 min…Shooters Jason De Thomasis GOAL…IS Stalin Cardenas sends in long pass from left from 45 yards that fins De Thomasis alone at 30 yards on right and he cuts in and 10 yard shot is into left side of net.

88 min…Shooters Stalin Cardenas GOAL…IS Denny Velestegui cornerkick from left is to Cardenas shot blasts 12 yard shot into top left corner of net.

Final Score:………North York Astros………..0…………..Italia Shooters………..4………..

Attendance was about 60 on this surprisingly cool afternoon. There was a strong, gusty wind though the game.

The Shooters got off to a great start and slowed down in the second half. Their start was so good that IS Konata Mannings two breakaways at 12 and 26 minutes (the goalie stopped the first one point blank at 18 yards and the later one rolled wide right from 10 yards) were soon forgotten. Mannings had a third breakaway in 1st half injury time and had the goalie stopped another shot from 20 yards--point blank.

Astros best chance was at 16 minutes when Devid Delli Carri’s 25 yard freekick blast was just over the net and hit the football uprights.

Shooters goalie Camilo Benzi earned the shutout with a few good saves and some inaccurate Astros shooting.

Jason De Thomasis was subbed off at halftime probably as a mercy rule or who knows how many he might have scored.

Referee Isaac Raymond gave out only three cards and all to the Astros in the second half from what I noticed.

Astros have an 18 year old player named ‘Diego Maradona’ who is the nephew of the former Argentina player. He is the son of Lalo Maradona who had a career in Canada with Toronto Italia among other local teams. This next generation Maradona is at least taller than the two brothers’ diminutive 5 foot 6 inches. He was fast but nothing special with a good run down the right at 49 minutes and his cross pass from the end line had the defender stop. At 77 minutes, he had a 15 yard shot on the right that was stopped point blank by the goalie. He was subbed off at 86 minutes.

MLS Toronto FC goalkeeper coach Carmine Issaco used to coach Italia Shooters and he was watching today. He said Toronto FC is actively trying to sign a young goalie to a development contract (they only have two right now and are expected to play MLS reserve games besides the regular teams). David Monsalve is his name.

An Astros official said the team had 150 players try out for this year’s team.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Sunday May 20, 2007 CSL game between Portuguese Supra and St Catharines Roma Wolves played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:00pm.

27 min…Supra Jesse Barcia GOAL…Barcia rushes in from left and eludes two defenders and shoots low 8 yard shot into low right side of net.

46 min (2nd half)…Supra Carlos Zaballos GOAL…After cornerkick cross from Supra Selmir Selic that is deflected off defender’s head to Zaballos who heads in 7 yarder into left side of net.

60 min…Supra Jesse Barcia is pulled down inside the Wolves box on right side as he was kicked by defender. Referee Mercy Watfa signals for a Penalty kick.

61 min…Supra Jesse Barcia’s Penalty kick is low to right and diving goalie Claudio Perri blocks to make the save.

78 min…Wolves Tony Marmigas GOAL…Marmigas gets ball on edge of box from left and his low 10 yard roller is into left corner of net beyond goalie Michael Silva who sprawled to right.

82 min…Wolves Geoffrey Attard sends in 55 yard wind-aided freekick into Supra box and Wolves player’s shot is off the hand of a defender so the referee calls a Penalty kick.

83 min…Wolves Antonio Stranges GOAL…Stranges Penalty shot is low and into right corner of net beating the goalie.

Final Score:…………Portuguese Supra………..2………..St Catharines Roma Wolves……….2……….

Attendance was about 70 on this cold evening with a strong gusty wind from the north. Goal kicks would soar 80 yards or be cut to barely 40 depending on if the kick was with or against the wind.

2006 CSL referee Mercy Watfa at the season ending Awards Dinner last year said in a speech when he got his award that he regretted missing a Penalty kick in last year’s championship game but he made up for it tonight by calling two legitimate penalties.

The Wolves comeback almost started earlier when Wolves Arnaldo Magnotta 20 yard freekick from right has Supra defender head tipped ball off left post but the ball stays in place. It was just inches from an own goal. At 56 minutes, Wolves Nick Aragona’s 40 yard freekick had Wolves Matthew Waddington charge behind defender on the right and his one time shot from 10 yards was well wide left. At 59 minutes, Magnotta 25 yard blast is shot through players in box is just wide right of bar. At 66 minutes Magnotta cornerkick from right has a Wolves player pop up the ball that the leaping Supra goalie caught.

After the game was tied up, Supra Maxim Dorneval gets the ball and dekes the goalie wide right when two defenders collide but another defender clears the 7 yard shot on the line and the partial clearance was then the partial clearance was deflected off a Wolves player over the net for a cornerkick. Supra had two cornerkicks to finish the game but defenders were able to clear.

Wolves veteran forward Carlo Arghitto had worn #18 for years then last year switched to #20 but for this his tenth year with the team, he has switched to #10.

Note: Attendances tonight were pretty accurate because of how small they were but on Friday night’s Serbian White Eagles game, I said 225 after asking the women who came up to the booth to count the cash and one of them said 200 even after I said maybe there were a lot of people who got in with season ticket passes. She wouldn’t budge. I made 225 the minimum as I estimated at halftime using her figures. I could have believed twice that amount. The White Eagles confirmed with the league 843 but they count all pass holders as going to every game (nothing wrong with that as MLS Toronto FC count 20000 at the rain drenched game last Wednesday against Houston Dynamo). CSL executive director Stan Adamson estimates 700. Yep I deserved an earful from my lowball attendance in my Friday report.

Rocket Robin


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photos of the weekend games (they'll always be a little late)


Serbian White Eagles vs Trois Rivieres Attak


North York Astros vs Italia Shooters

(includes a picture of Diego Maradona)--the nephew namesake


Portuguese Supra vs St Catharines Roma Wolves

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Shooters Score Early, Often to Spoil Astros Home Opener

NORTH YORK, May 20 – With the wind blowing hard at Esther Shiner Stadium, the North York Astros were ready to kick off their season with a win. Unfortunately for them, the Italia Shooters didn’t get the memo. Jason De Thomasis scored twice in the first half, with Fitzroy Christey and Stalin Cardenas providing supplementary goals, to hand the North York Astros a 4-0 loss.

De Thomasis opened the scoring in the fifth minute of the game when he fired a shot into the top left corner of the net from eight yards out. Astros keeper Haidar Al-Shaibain was frozen on the shot. Christey made it 2-0 just nine minutes later after he sent a shot through a maze of people when the ball couldn’t be cleared in front of the Astros goal.

The Astros showed they were no pushovers, putting sustained pressure on the Shooters goal for the first quarter of the game, but came away with only missed opportunities. Devid Delli Carri had a great opportunity to draw the game closer in the 18th minute when he sent a free kick just over the crossbar.

The Shooters didn’t relinquish from their counter-attack, sending Konata Mannings in on three breakaways in the first half. The first and last were stopped by Al-Shaibain with the second one rolling just wide of the goal.

The second half was a combination of the Astros becoming more frustrated and the Shooters clamping down on their defense. The Shooters slowed the pace of the game, forcing the Astros to send in long crosses from the sides, most of which were corralled by Shooters keeper Camilo Benzi. Diego Maradona, playing in his first game with the Astros, found little room to move around in midfield although had a few good chances near the 75th minute, before he was substituted off.

The Astros also got themselves into referee Issac Raymond’s books, but not in a good way. Brian Carbajal, Marco Pacione, and Omar Samuels all received yellow cards in the second half for various fouls.

Astros head coach Rafael Carbajal is taking this game as a stepping stone to better things. “We are a new and young team. The players have never play together before and five of the players that started in the game arrived to the team last week. The good thing is that the goals they scored were individual mistakes that we made because we are still getting to know each other. But we'll address them in practice, correct them quickly, and with a couple of new arrivals by next game we should improve a lot.”

The Astros hope to rebound at their next home game on Sunday, May 27th at 4:00 p.m. They will host the St. Catharines Wolves at Esther Shiner Stadium.

Notes: Shooters’ Andre Stewart left the game in the 79th minute favouring his left ankle, after he got tangled up with Astros’ Shane Lammie near the Shooters’ goal, which forced the Shooters to play with only 10 men for the rest of the game…Councillor Mike Feldman was on hand to provide the ceremonial kick-off with Astros captain Al-Shaibain…Benzi earned his second clean sheet of the season after a 0-0 draw with the Canadian Lions…

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