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Thanks forum and updates of players In Italy.


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Just to let you know as promised I delivered the letter to the Silvestri Family and passed on the forums comments condolences.

ALberto's Widow and sons Thank this forum for the wonderful comments and special tribute to ALberto. She told me that he loved reading all the comments about the Italians and Canadians that are playing in Italy and wish them to do well.

She tells me that everytime he left his computer he would have a smile on his face and sometimes he would be angry with some comments, his one liners we be something like this after reading the forum.

It's Just A game

Polictical infulences

tipical bull **** the follows after a game or a selection is made.

Not everyone will understand who, and where as to why and when.

only if I was younger I would coach the team.


Placentino after a lengthy injury managed to recover and appaeared 18 times in games for Massese he netted 3 goals

Mascantonio of Benevento is in Play offs finished 2nd by 1 Point of being promoted now in playoffs to be plays the 27 may and 3rd of June. he netted 2 goals in the 21 appearenses

Uccello of Forte Dei Marmi also came off and early injury in the season missed 12 games, recovered fully in Feb/2007, netted 5 goals in the 22 appeareances. the team was relegated

Zavarise Montbelluno not much news to offer this forum as imformation is not clear and not avail. However I know that he did not net any league goals and from special sites available to me it appears he did not play much but it can wrong. I hope he was not injured as well. the are in safe in serie d

It has not been a good year for Canadians in Italy with these injuries.

The good news they are all recovered.

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quote:Originally posted by redhat

Thanks for doing that for the Voyageurs. As a matter of fact, after seeing

Andrea Lombardo do well against Argentina and playing for TFC, I was actually

thinking how proud Alberto would have felt.

He always had said to me Lombardo is like LUCA TONI type of player and all LOMBARDO needed was to play, to show what he can do. The more the better he gets.

And I agree he has played really well for both the U20 and FC from the video highlites i have seen. special the thrid goal he assisted an amazing cross.

He is going to be an amazing player for the MLS and your U20 team you'll see.

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The kid needs playing time and more of it. It is obvious that in his little playing time he has outperformed Mr. Dichio (a goon on the pitch) and Mr. Buddle. When given the opportunity he has added spark, pace and an ability to play with his back to the defenders and distribute the ball. Given his rather insignificant contract ($17, 700) it is apparent that those making significantly more will be given every opportunity to right themselves before Lombardo is given what he truly deserve, significant minutes.

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