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Interm Coaches: How the CSA saves money.


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* Holger Osieck's last game in charge of the MNT was on July 14, 2003.

* Colin Miller took over the reigns until January 18, 2004. That was six months of not having to pay + or - $500,000 a year, or a savings of $250,000 minus whatever Miller got paid.

* Frank Yallop's last game in charge of the MNT was on March 1, 2006.

* Stephen Hart is still doing the job 14 months later, which adds up to a savings of $585,000 minus what ever Hart is making.

* That's a savings of $835,000 minus whatever the two subs got.

* I'm sure we could have hire a reputable coach for that kind of money, and hosted a few internationals in the mean time.

I'd be willing to do the job for free until I qualify Canada for the World Cup Final in South Africa. That accomplishment would only cost the CSA $1M. If I don't qualify the team, it won't cost them a cent except dfor my expenses. Just think of how much more the CSA could save if I failed as badly as every coach they have hired since Tony did the job back in 1986.

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