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April 28 - Vancouver vs California [R]


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Vancouver 2 California 2

3' VAN Eduardo Sebrango

42' CAL Mike Muñoz

60' CAL Josh Hansen

69' VAN Martin Nash

Announced attendance: 4,931

This was California's first-ever match. Their first goal was the first given up by Vancouver in 6 games (going back to the first match of last year's playoffs, versus Miami).

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I still don't think we should count players capped for other countries as Canadian but don't really want to get in a big debate about the issue. Regardless, the Caps started 6 Canadians by my count and 7 by Alan's count which is certainly better than I expected given the number of foreigners on the roster and is certainly better than last year. I will give credit where credit is due and say I am happy about this as well as the Impact's Canadian content so far. It does seem a bit strange to bring in so many foreigners to sit them on the bench but kudos to both teams for giving the Canadians a chance. I wonder if a possible motivation might be future transfer fees from TFC as well as preparation for the Canadian quota if either of the Caps or Impact do manage to move up to MLS level.

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quote:Originally posted by ubuntu

You have to pay to see them? That's insane... (sarcasm!)

Platinum $35

Gold $27

Silver $24

Silver Senior $20

Bronze $16

But... yeah it's expensive after all

Hmmm. It seems the Whitecaps dropped the prices of all their single tickets. When ticket prices were announced pre-season the platinum seats were going for $41.50 and the cheapest bronze seats were going for $21. Seems the Whitecaps got a little dose of reality when nobody was buying them. I didn't hear them mention they dropped the prices, guess thats bad publicity.

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