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help..doing a seminar on Canadian footie


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alright so in my grade 12 Canadian indentity class...I wanted to do m seminar on the biggest thing in my life...That of course is what i like to call with my arrogance..."world football"

anyways, i don't really know much about Canadian football...So i need some help here...I just wanted to talk about the growth in the country, but my teacher changed my thesis to it becoming the most popular sport in the country...Assuming he just wants me to argue it since theres a lot of hockey guys in my class.

I was going to talk about

-success like worldcup qualification, goldcup victory

-Toronto FC, USL.

-Biggest youth sport in the country (any good sites to confirm this)

-the growing TV ratings (again, need a site for this)

-U20 worldcup, 500 000 tickets sold already...

any more ideas? and anybody have good sources for this???? that's all i need right now!

thanks a lot!

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Well, I would not talk too much about our wold cup qualification success. Just say a word about 1986 and the fact that we played well only loosing 1-0 to France. You can also talk about the qualification process, specially the historic 1985 win over Honduras in St-John's Newfoundland.

Then you can talk about our U-20's success in CONCACAF and in World Championships (loss in the second round in Malaysi 1997 and a loss in the 1/4 in 2003 UAE). You can say that we have a solid U-20 team right now that won against Brazil in may 2006 and also beat the Czech in October 2006. A lot of the players in that U-20 team are playing in Europe, Will Johnson, David Edgar, Jaime Peeters as example.

I would check www.canadasoccer.com under the players section (to the left) to gather more informations about our Senior and U-20 players. You can also check under the national team section to get more infos about all our NT, senior or youth, men's and women's.

Good luck.

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On Canada you can talk about how is youth soccer organized here. I.e. CSA, Provincial Associations, Districts and finally Clubs. Where to go to register and start playing. And that there a different levels in youth. Divs. 1,2,3 or Gold, Silver, Bronse, etc.

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