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I may have the New head coach answer


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Well guys it is a strong possibility that Stephen Hart is the new head coach why well I emailed Morgan Quarry well you guys decide. If he is the coach the wait was for nothing and we are in big trouble what do you guys think? I received this response on monday march 12th

Hi Giancarlo,

Our roster should be released tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am not really able to comment on the roster before we announce it.

Stephen Hart selected the players.



Morgan Quarry

Manager, Men's National Team

Canadian Soccer Association

National Teams Office

Suite 580, 375 Water Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6

Tel: 778-330-1395

Fax: 778-330-1396


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Since the new coach hasn't been announced and isn't in place it's the interim coach (Stephen Hart) who selected the players. Nothing new here.

Also, Linford suggested that the new coach might not be able to attend the Bermuda camp, so Hart might still be there at that time.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Hart does this job as interim coach, the other guy comes on and takes a look and goes to Bermuda passively and learns a bit. As he would have to, because obviously, HE IS NOT CANADIAN AND DOESN'T KNOW THE TEAM. If he were Canadian he would have no trouble walking right in and calling up a squad, just like anyone on this board, we all know the players well enough to come up with something probable. And a non-Canadian new to the program would not.

Fun using those caps must say.

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They are taking their sweet assed time! No coach by the end of march means a poor performance in the Gold cup You really have to admire all of us loyal fans that stick by our country because honestly they do everything they can to push us away and make us disinterested!

quote:Originally posted by denis


Looks like Simoes may not be the new guy

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