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Can anybody read Greek?


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The first link is just a typical Q&A fluff piece

Q: How you do like the Athens?

A (singing): It's the greatest, wonderfullest placest in the universe.

The one article says AEK Athens has agreed to pay the 450,000 Euro buyout for Tam's contract. But all sides are denying there is a done deal.

The other article from a couple days ago says AEK has offered 1-million Euros for Tam and an other player from Panionios.

Basically, not much there.

AEK would be a step up. Right now they are 2 points out of a Champions League spot, and failing that, they are guaranteed a UEFA Cup spot. Panionios is in the mix for a UEFA Cup spot but it will be tough.

Also AEK has been talking to Arsenal about some sort of agreement to work together or something so that could be good for Tam.

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Guest Jeffery S.

Related, just to note that the coach is Serra Ferrer, a Mallorcan who started in his home club and has done well in Betis, was also at Barça a spell. So if he is interested in Tam that bodes well as usually the Spanish coaches want to play a bit more open style than the extremely defensive Greek style, even in league.

There is a bit of a Spanish contingent in Greece this year, Victor Muñoz coaches Panathinakos, and there is a Spaniard at Aris as well, Quique Hernández, who has brought in quite a few mid level players from Spain (Koke, who played in Málaga, Sporting de Lisboa and Olympique, Pablo Coira, Javito (ex Barcelona B), Aarón (ex Real Madrid B), Joselu (ex Cádiz), Rubén Palazuelos (ex Gimnástica de Torrelavega) and Álex Pérez, from Real Madrid B team as well). The sport director is former Brazil international Mazinho, who Fernández knows from his Valencia days.)

With the Spaniards coaching in Greece I would imagine that Spanish teams might pay more attention to those players their coaches find interesting, a possible route to transfers up.

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...also from greeksoccer.com:


Meanwhile, AEK are expected to finalize Tamadi Ensasilva's transfer within a few weeks time. AEK has put a 400,000 euro offer on the table for the Canadian midfielder who is currently playing for Greek club Panionios. Lorenzo Serra Ferrer asked Nikolaidis for the transfer, as Emerson is expected to leave the club, with the 25 year old taking over in his place.

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quote:Originally posted by Daniel

Tamadi "Ensasilva"?

The way they spell it in Greece, translated letter-for-letter (and actually even phonetically), is "Ensaliva". I guess that website just used the lazy way of trying to guess his name.

That last article posted by Afrosta is basically a press release that is also posted on Panionios website, so I guess it's real. Basically it seems like it's a done deal that he will be going to AEK.

It says Tam has a buyout clause he can exercise in the summer so that's why they are moving him. It says Panionios regrets having such a low buyout, doesn't give a number. It seems like they are selling him for 400 000 Euros, but they say he is worth much more and they wanted him to stay.

It doesn't really make sense cause why wouldn't AEK just wait 2 months and give Tam the money it will cost to buyout his contract instead of now??

Anyway, looks like Tam is moving to AEK which is certainly a step up.

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Very glad to hear Tam is moving up. A year ago he was facing possibly moving down the 3rd division in Germany with FC Saarbruecken and getting publicly blamed for some of their poor performances. A year later, he moves to Greece with an ex-Bundesliga coach (Ewald Lienen coached Julian at Hannover) and now is moving to a much bigger club.

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