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I had a dream


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Last night I had a dream that Canada had made it to the 2010 WC, and I pictured big Kev walking into a packed stadium holding a Canadian flag to give to the opposing captain. At that point I woke up and it hit me, we have the talent right now to not only qualify for a WC, but with proper development maybe even make it to the playoff rounds. If we can hold onto all the playyers we have right now and develop some more young players along the way the talent is there. The ultimate goal should to qualify for the WC will completely change the Canadian program IMO. WE have been having trouble with certain players turning their backs on team Canada and trying to catch on with other more established soccer nations.

While growing up playing soccer (born in 81) I cheered for Canada when they made their push for USA 94 (the game against mexico) and when they tied Brazil, (never forget the Mobilio call by Vic Rauter) but other than that I dont have many fond memories of watching Canadian soccer in high level competition, so I continued to support the country my dad was from (Colombia) because I could cheer for them in the WC 98&94.

What Im trying to say is that if we can pull it together and qualify for the WC we will have CDN kids growing up seeing that they can play at the higest level in a Maple Leaf jersey, they will develop the Canadian superstars to emulate in the backyard, and not only will all these kids be dieing to represent Canada but we will have kids trying to get into our program just like the ones we are loosing now.

So everyone knows the goal of qualifying for the WC, but I believe it has to start right now. We have to get more games, and hold more camps. Why not play more friendlies against south american teams as was suggested earlier this week, say even in FL at a neutral location? What can we as the voyageurs do to help the CSA in the right direction? Can we possibly make a document outlining some strategies to secure the sponsorship necessary to have a quality program?

I believe with the talent pool we have we are on the cusp, guys like Atiba, JDG 1/2, Dero, Edgar, Peeters but we need the right leadership to put us in the right direction. This CDN program does not have to continue to fail, but we must address the problems now or all the work that guys like Bunbury, Forrest have done will be wasted for another soccer generation. Just my 2 cents to the forum

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Everyone on here shares your thoughts to some degreee or another. I support Italy due to my parents being from there. When it comes right down to it, should italy and canada play...i would be a screaming lunatic for Canada. My parents would love to see Canada make it to the world cup. Canada gave our parents a life outside columbia and italy...it is only our patriotic duty to support soccer. Let the CSA get sorted ( stop laughing everyone) and maybe your dream or parts of it will come true.

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It really is a nice dream, although I only wonder if it is only that.

I have the same hopes that everyone has here, that Canada will qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

I must say though that the lack of (or evident) initiative from the CSA has brought down my entire confidence in Canada soccer.

No coach

No friendly games or preparations

NO PRIORITY TOWARDS the MNT Pogram... I understand that the CSA should evenly share the resources amongts the program (Mens and Womens), but I also think that the Men's national team program should be the priority.

Only a camp that gets the players to do scrimmages and stuff.

We should be doing friendlies against CONCACAF nations to at least get some experience against the region.

I think it has come down to 3 possibilities:

1) The CSA will still run like an old dinosour without any innovation, promise, dedication, effort and vision

2) There's the will but NO money, and if there's no money then there will be no resources.

I only wish what the CSA has as a plan for the next 3 years. I would defenitely help for its fans to see what to expect from the entire program.

I would not be suprised if Toronto FC will be more successful than the CSA.

Either way, it is a very, very nice dream

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nice dream, I would love to see Canada in the WC, and my parents who are from Peru, would love to the maple leaf in a WC stadium!we have the players and talent to make it for 2010

I agree on another point you made, Canada should play friendlies against south americans, as we all know the 4th concacaf team will play the 5th south american team in a play off

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