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Serie A to go ahead ......


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....With only 6 stadiums approved for fans.

Italy sure isn't the 1st to deal with hooligans and unfortunatly won't be the last. But these measures may help. When these idiots learn in whatever country that they are only hurting their team it may come to a stop.


Excuse me for bringing up hockey ..but I will[B)]

When I was a kid I went to many a hockey game where stuff was thrown on the ice after a bad call and fighting in the bleachers was the norm.

But slowly fans were taught that it's only a game. Many were banned and arrests were made. Eventually folk got it..why do you pay to go to a game not to enjoy yourself. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, get over it. As recently as two years ago during a Martime Jr Hockey League play-off game in Amherst NS. Fights broke out in the stands and with players, Charges were layed and some were convicted.

Passion is one thing but stupidity is some thing else.

Let's hope Serie A fans get it!

Let's face it nobody is immune, just remember last years Canada/Latvia game at the Worlds Hockey Championship for a reminder of how stupidity affects us all.

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