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When will single-game tickets go on sale?


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I understand that nothing has been announced yet, but with the schedule now out, I thought that this would be a good time to start a thread on this so as someone knows, it can be posted here and Voyageurs can be first in line for single-game purchases. If MLSE does decide to do half-seasons and/or other multi-game packages, then that would be good to know as well.

Please post a "Head's Up" here as soon as you find out.

p.s. with more than half the stadium's seats already sold through season ticket sales, I imagine people will have to be very quick on the draw to get seats to the following games:

April 28: Opener

May 12: "Official" Opener (probably more celebration stuff)

May 16: Houston (MLS Champs + DeRo)


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Quoted from an email that I received yesterday from Toronto FC announcing the release of the full schedule:

Season ticket sales will continue into April. We will begin selling an eight game Premium Pack on April 4th, more details to come. Single game tickets will be on sale April 9th, but availability will be limited with 60% of the stadium already sold to date.

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Guest Jeffery S.
quote:Originally posted by Allan

I am selling one ticket for the August 5th "Beckham Game" to the highest bidder. I will be in Europe on vacation and will miss the match. In case anyone was wondering why I had a ticket available.

Why don't you do the normal thing and give it to a friend or your dad? Are you so hung up for money you could not do a favour for a loved one?

Theory: first, some people are losers; second, you let them know, and they are still losers.

Wrong board buddy.

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quote:Originally posted by Bill Spiers

Although TFC has an MLS game on May 12th., the "Official Opening" of the stadium is currently scheduled for May 11th. with a Canadian U-20 National Team Game.

There's been talk of a double-header with the Canadian U20's playing Portugal on May 12.

Is that info erroneous, Bill?

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