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Maritime League ?


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This is what the link says-

"I have had contact with the NSSL 's Bob Tobin as their annual meeting is at end of January. There is an proposal coming from Soccer Nova Scotia which differs from NSSL. NSSL proposal has a team from PEI, a team from NB and four teams from NS as a division of NSSL. Interlocking schedule 15 games but we compete for Challenge Cup in our home provinces. Soccer NS proposal same number of teams but only League Champion going to Nationals.

For 2007 and 2008 I favour the interlocking schedule see how this works and then look at Soccer Nova Scotia proposal. As Nova Scotia hosts then Newfoundland hosts Challenge Cup for next two years and useful for Canada Games preparation.

The reason for the post is notify any other teams interested to get organized but last year's Challenge Cup Vu team is looking at this as an option, as playing split squad games although entertaining was not great preparation for the later competition- Nationals.

I also want players to think about the committment required.

Our roster could not be 33 players.

When I hear more I will update everyone but I anticipate that NSSL will be in contact with me in early February. They will have a pre season tournament to determine their teams.

So I wait to see if anyone else is interested in putting a team in this proposed league but I believe it will be limited to one from PEI this year and then Canada Games teams from all provinces joining the following season - 2008.

I will await comments or questions.

Cheers for now

John Diamond"

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This is really interesting news. I have posted a couple of times that I feel that we need more of these types of regional semi-pro leagues that can give young players (16-23 year old) in this country a more competitive environment in which to play. Ideally, these leagues can form some sort of association so that at the end of each season, a Canadian champion can be crowned. It might be a pipe dream but you have to stay hopeful.

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