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Bermuda to go Hogge wild

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Bermuda to go Hogge wild

The island's new pro soccer team will be named the Bermuda Hogges - after the pigs that were some of the island's first inhabitants. Franchise manager Shaun Goater said he liked the name because it symbolized Bermuda's history and reflected some of the characteristics he wanted in his squad.

"They are survivors that will fight to the end, trample anything in their way, they want to kill, destroy and eat their enemies - we want to live up to that name."

The name was selected after a brainstorming session between the three owners of the new club - Goater, Paul Scope and Kyle Lightbourne - following the Bermuda Sun's competition.

Almost 100 entries were submitted with Marj Corriea coming closest, with her selection of the Bermuda Hog Pennys. She was presented with a pair of season tickets for the new team - which will play ten home games at the National Centre in the United Soccer League Second Division, starting in April.

Goater said the entries had ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous with the likes of the Bermuda Barracudas, Bermuda Gombeys and the Bermuda Onions given serious consideration.

Other suggestions like Bermuda Crissons and Bermuda Goats were dismissed more quickly.

But ultimately it was Marj's idea and the inclusion of the Hogs that interested the team the most.

"Bermuda Hogges was one of the ideas that we had been kicking around.

"It appealed to us because of the connection with Bermuda's history and it fit in with that American style name that the teams have over there."

Corriea, whose husband is a former national team player, said she was surprised to win but was looking forward to watching the new team.

"The Hog Penny was the very first coins that we had because hogs were found on the island when the first settlers arrived. To me it was a natural choice."

"It's exciting to think that we're going to have a team in the United States Soccer League."

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