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sevilla FC


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hello friends

I am of following Spain and of Seville, and I notice to you that I do not speak well English ^^ (use a translator) queria to tell you that Seville FC to chosen better club of the soccer of the world by Federation the International of History and Statistic of Fútbol (IFFHS) and gustaria me who people of your country and of the entire world benefit of my equipment, so I leave videos you of my Seville:


in addition Seville FC has the best one inchada of Spain and the best group of suporterss, North biris:



I hope to read your opinion of my equipment, present leader of the Spanish league

a greeting from Spain

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I do not have at sight exchange: sevillista I was born and I will die sevillista. If drawing the Giralda and a blue sky by above, the orange blossom dew and as an older person blood artist, I put a river to him on its feet and I put verses of borders, I as opposed to put it the light and until the light it feels envies, and I throw to roll a ball by a Nervión soccer player, soccer becomes passion that it does not strike, caresses. Blanquirrojea in the south the definitive passion. And no matter how hard others insist in overturning spellings and they always write with be what is with uve unequivocal, this city, this woman, this fugitive glory it only has a name with seven letters: SEVILLE. One hundred years you fulfill, my love, but you have the great virtue to live in youth like eternizada flower. Blanquirrojo your color, you live on the time witness. I dream to you and I persecute to you with the only intention to leave my heart fulfilling centuries with you. What I do, I ignite one hundred candles and I request to you: “It blows, it blows…”, or order to the sky a song sung percent grandmothers? Vístete of spangles, and óyeme what I say to you: hazle a site by your shelter to my extreme love: I want to remain to your side fulfilling centuries with you. Hundreds of silencios yours they have come until the October to see if your love covers them with its delicate one I sing to sleep. Oyes, my love, the murmur that he is today here with me? Oyes the emotion? I force to you, it deserves this liking, to that you leave its passion fulfilling centuries with you. What sky you want that it lowers to surround your waist? What garden, of what madness, for rizarte of embroider? It watches the passion that I brought in the name more friend. Here they follow, I follow here, here we are, at sight, a sevillista passion that it wants to die with you. Gifts of what so large for celebrarte to you, in what it carpets andalusí we walked your one hundred years? Whereupon fabrics, whereupon cloth your name not desabrigo, so that your wheat can to continue giving ears us to where you say to us, centuries after centuries with you? Déjame that today I Vista, by the one of your centenary, with my newspaper suit, my sevillista condition. It is not lent, is conquered so appraised wonder. And she is so high and so simple, that to feel man to me to me your name is enough to me sounding to me here: Seville.


No tengo cambio a la vista: sevillista yo nací y moriré sevillista. Si dibujo la Giralda y un cielo azul por arriba, la rocío de azahar y de vieja sangre artista, le pongo un río a sus pies y pongo versos de orillas, la pongo frente a la luz y hasta la luz siente envidia, y echo a rodar un balón por un Nervión futbolista, el fútbol se hace pasión que no golpea, acaricia. Blanquirrojea en el sur la pasión definitiva. Y por más que otros se empeñen en volcar ortografías y escriban siempre con be lo que es con uve inequívoca, esta ciudad, esta mujer, esta gloria fugitiva solamente tiene un nombre con siete letras: SEVILLA. Cien años cumples, mi amor, mas tienes la gran virtud de vivir en juventud como eternizada flor. Blanquirrojo tu color, vives del tiempo testigo. yo te sueño y te persigo con la única intención de dejar mi corazón cumpliendo siglos contigo. ¿Qué hago, enciendo cien velas y te pido: “Sopla, sopla…”, ¿o encargo al cielo una copla cantada por cien abuelas? Vístete de lentejuelas, y óyeme lo que te digo: hazle un sitio por tu abrigo a mi amor desmesurado: quiero quedarme a tu lado cumpliendo siglos contigo. Cientos de silencios tuyos se han venido hasta el octubre a ver si tu amor los cubre con su delicado arrullo. ¿Oyes, mi amor, el murmullo que está hoy aquí conmigo? ¿Oyes la emoción? Te obligo, lo merece esta afición, a que dejes su pasión cumpliendo siglos contigo. ¿Qué cielo quieres que baje a rodear tu cintura? ¿Qué jardín, de qué locura, para rizarte de encaje? Mira la pasión que traje en el nombre más amigo. Aquí siguen, aquí sigo, aquí estamos, a la vista, una pasión sevillista que quiere morir contigo. ¿Regalos de qué tamaños para celebrarte a ti, en qué alfombra andalusí paseamos tus cien años? ¿Con qué telas, con qué paños tu nombre no desabrigo, para que pueda tu trigo seguir dándonos espigas hasta donde tú nos digas, siglos tras siglos contigo? Déjame que hoy yo me vista, por lo de tu centenario, con mi traje de diario, mi condición sevillista. No se presta, se conquista tan preciada maravilla. Y es tan alta y tan sencilla, que para sentirme hombre a mí me basta tu nombre sonándome aquí: Sevilla.

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Guest Jeffery S.

This guy is obnoxious and typically lost in the modern world, but Sevilla is playing great, have a really well put together side, have one of the best development managers and scouters in Europe now (Monchi), do a good job with their youth too. So credit to them.

But I can't stand them, you get a sense talking to their fans that most have to get their rears wiped by their moms til she sadly kicks off. Decadent money, backward thinkers, snotty middle class attitudes, a bit of racism, the worst image of the south of Spain you could come up with. Like the gentry in Edwardian England, thankfully a dying breed.

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quote:Originally posted by Canuck Oranje

To impress Canadian hockey Fans


the combat of both players is I throw that I condemn, ocurrio this Saturday and I saw in direct. finally an sanctioned with 5 parties of suspencion

here there is another great combat in the end of glass of Spain in 1984


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