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Charmaine Hooper


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A lot has been written about the recent Team Canada controversy. My personal opinion is that Charmaine Hooper's days representing Canada are over.I cheer for Kara Lang, Thorlakson, O'Neil, Timko, Wilkinson. And whatever happened to that Kara look-alike who played sweeper? She was good but I forgot her name.

I don't even care if Hooper is/was good. Given the choice I'd rather win slightly less and field a much more "presentable" viewer friendly team. A team that makes me proud of being Canadian. A team that draws spectators. That's how the USA built its tremendously popular team. Hot and talented.

Anyway, I never forgave Hooper for publicly trashing the previous Canada coach. Women acting like U14 girls trying to get rid of a coach. Hooper will press any "special rights" buttons she can find.

Mr Pellerud deserves to repond like any other competitiv coach. Cut the cancer before it spreads.

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