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FIFA Women's World Player 2006 [R]


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Christine Sinclair voted for Lilly first, Moström second and Smith third.

Even Pellerud voted for Schelin first, Lilly second and Marta third.

The single first-place vote for Sinclair came from the captain of Mauritius. The only votes she got from captains or coaches of "top" women's soccer countries were a third-place vote from Lilly and a second-place vote from the coach of Italy.

                                         1st  2nd  3rd  Total
Marta (Brazil) 64 43 26 475
Kristine Lilly (USA) 44 46 30 388
Renate Lingor (Germany) 39 30 20 305
Abby Wambach (USA) 22 16 24 182
Kelly Smith (England) 15 20 22 157
Silke Rottenberg (Germany) 16 18 20 154
Duan Han (China) 10 17 15 116
Xiaoxu Ma (China) 8 16 11 99
Malin Moström (Sweden) 8 14 5 87
Lotta Schelin (Sweden) 10 7 11 82
Cynthia Uwak (Nigeria) 9 10 6 81
Kum Suk Ri (North Korea) 10 3 5 64
Ingvild Stensland (Norway) 4 7 13 54
Laura Georges (France) 5 4 11 48
[b]Christine Sinclair (Canada) 1 6 16 39[/b]
Monica Ocampo (Mexico) 1 6 11 34
Sandrine Soubeyrand (France) 2 3 12 31
Laura Kalmari (Finland) 3 2 3 24
Cheryl Salisbury (Australia) 0 1 9 12
Cathrine Paaske Sörensen (Denmark) 0 3 2 11[/code]

All this info and more can be obtained from the various documents available here.

The men's award is in this thread.

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Canada's Charmaine Hooper hands out fair play award during FIFA function

Canadian Press

Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ZURICH (CP) - She didn't win an award, but Canadian soccer player Charmaine Hooper was on hand to make a presentation during the FIFA World Player Gala Monday night.

Hooper, the former captain of the Canadian women's soccer team, presented the Fair Play Award for 2006, which went to the thousands of fans who made last summer's World Cup in Germany a success.

"The success of the tournament would not have been possible without the presence of the many supporters who traveled to Europe from all over the world," Hooper said.

Italy's World Cup-winning captain Fabio Cannavaro was named FIFA World Player of the Year while Marta, the 20-year-old Brazilian prodigy was named the Women's World Player.

Hooper, defender Sharolta Nonen, and forward Christine Latham were suspended from the national team after failing to attend an exhibition series against China in August in a dispute with the Canadian Soccer Association over national team residency camps.

The three players maintain they are being punished for not committing soon enough to a residency program funded by Greg Kerfoot, the millionaire owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The players believe the program pressures women to play for the Whitecaps' women's team, a charge the CSA denies.

The matter is expected to be heard by the Sports Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada.

© The Canadian Press 2006

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