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WHat do you want to see from Inside SOCCER?


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Hi Guys,

It's great to come on this site and see the same type of people that share the same diehard passion I have for CDN soccer. It's a relief to come here and talk pub-style with you guys. So having said that I ask you for your detailed opinions on the new Inside SOCCER Magazine website.

We are looking to finally relaunch insidesoccer.ca come January 1st and we want to know what the heck you want to see. I mean everything. If you can think it We want to hear it. Women's, U20, TFC, Abroad players, Super Y League ANYTHING.

We will be breaking regional content into 4 sections (ISM Pacific, ISM West-Prairies, ISM Central-ONT/QUE and ISM Atlantic)

Internationally we will posting a 1v1 interview at least once a month with a CDN star starting with a very popular player right now over in Europe (take some guesses)

So please post here we'd love to get all the true fans' thoughts

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I would like to see a monthly report if not more frequent about the inner workings of the C.S.A. Colin Linford has promissed a more transparent operation than the past and it would be nice for all of us, supporters and detractors to actually see what the CSA does behind close doors and be kept informed about everything that in the past and yet continues to be hush hush. This transparency should include free and unrestricted access to their audited financial statements among other things.

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A monthly tribute to Jack Warner so he can keep bestowing the good graces of CONCACAF and FIFA on Canada....and hopefully some good refereeing decisions for the 2010 qualifying campaign to get us to the hex.

Other than that, I rely on the net and World Soccer Magazine for World news, so for me, the more Canadian content the better. Profiles of Clubs across the country as well as up and coming players at provincial training centres.

I know this last one is hard, but an invesgative series anytime there is an administrative soccer screw-up ie. the ASA vs Super Y battle, the allowing of foreign teams to have entertainment sections so they feel at home. The theory is that by shining light on items like these, hopefully it will prevent the same issues reoccuring in the future. Just a theory.

Thanks for the perserverance in keeping the publication alive.

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Interviews with:

- MNT Players

- Coaches

- CSA Officials

Media pressure needs to be put on the CSA so they produce a legitimate product. Will inside soccer do that? or will inside soccer kiss CSA ass in order to get access to the CSA? your classic what comes first chicken or egg scenario.

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Great to see a Canadian soccer magazine again.

I would really like to see reporting that is current and incisive. The old Inside Soccer of a few years back often had articles that were outrageously out of date. For example, the magazine would print a preview of a match or tournament after the match was over. A review would come weeks later. That does not work.

Second, a good journal does interviews that cause people to talk, get excited, and debate issues. For example, the CSA will soon hire a national team coach. It would be great to see a preview of possible candidates and for IS to offer a provocative editorial. Another example would be for IS to explore the issue of young Canadians who are pondering playing for another country. Talk to Jacob Lensky and to his dad, Boris. Talk to Adam Street, or to De Guzman II, or to Marcel de Jong. Dig out information and offer us/them good reasons why Canada may be a better choice.

Be sure to include interesting stuff on Toronto FC, and the Whitecaps and Impact. Include a feature on some star CSL player or on university soccer stars. Womens features would be good too. But, above all, avoid making the magazine a nice "family" mag that does not go a little (not over)close to the edge. You want readers who cannot wait for the next issue because it will provide some bite, some secret, some discovery, sone opinion, and perhaps a little controversy. Who is your target audience - "soccer moms" or real fans?

For IS to succeed it needs to be provocative enough to stand out. If it is plain and safe, it will suffer because readers will go elsewhere for the real deal.

I really hope that IS works well and is a great success! We need a superior Canadian journal that explores and promotes our beautiful game.


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Cartoons would be nice.

And no hesitation in being critical of the local establishment if you follow me.

A good example would be the goings on in the WNT program right now. No matter who you side with, how the CSA allowed this drama to reach the point it has is mind boggling. Sometimes stuff happens. It's unavoidable. But I think this whole Pellerud/Hooper thing wasn't unavoidable. This was a train wreck that didn't need to happen and it's going to end one of two ways. Your WNT manager will be found to be unethical or your poster girl for women's soccer will found to be a liar. Pretty dramatic stuff and all very, very, negative. And a great story.

Another example would be this whole Warner family affair and more importantly FIFA's view of it. Is the CSA heirarchy satisfied with the way it was handled? Is the CSA's position in agreement with FIFA on the matter? So on, so forth. Because it would be great to put the CSA down on record as having a moral compass which may differ somewhat from the vast majority of Canadians.

How about a detailed examination of the CSAs budget. It's sources and spending. $5M a year for the NTs? How much of that is spent on say, oh I don't know, administrative costs related to the NT budgets? How much is spent on coaching and referee development clinics, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, sure. It's mostly "button pushing" but in the absence of a serious or professional football specific media in Canada a little tabloid journalism would be a welcome, if guilty, distraction.

P.S. I also like pictures. Snaps of this that and the next thing. Adds a bit of flash to an artiucle or story.

P.S.S. Glad to read things will be up and going a-gin. Good luck.

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