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Should we start a new scarf project?


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Since it is unlikely that the scarves from the previous project are ever likely to be received, should we make a second attempt at getting scarves made this time organized by someone we all trust and ordered from a reputable firm. Below are posts by myself and Daniel about this from the other thread:




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I would also like to say that if we still want scarves made (I do) maybe Daniel if willing could either arrange it or help one of us arrange it (I would be willing to help him and share in the responsibility for the funds being used properly). I mention Daniel because I and many other people on the board know him well and for a long time (ie. he is a trustworthy individual) and he has experience having scarves made which turned out quite well. If people are interested we should open a new thread though as I think this one should be reserved for this issue.

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A quick word on my involvement:

The UM02 2003 scarves were made for 11$ apiece (for 100). "Mpenza" and "Bxl Boy" were in charge of the actual order (and putting the money up front, half came from presales). We sold them for 18-20$ to benefit the Ultras and the money was recouped (including the presales) within a few games.

In the case of the Voyageurs, I don't know if it's necessary to generate a profit to be reinvested within the organization.

A quick glance at www.tifo.it gives us a price of 11.35$ a scarf + S/H from Italy. The base cost is 6.20€. Delivery shouldn't be more than 2$ a scarf.


Double-side model made from combed acrylic yarn in 4 colours. It is possible to add supplementary colours as long as they occupy only a limited part of the short side of the scarf. Average production time: 20 days. Measurements: 19x140 cm, 120 pieces=28 kg./volume. Minimum order - 20 pieces, with installation cost surcharge of Euro 103,29 or 120 pieces with free installation.

We went this route (ie European) with the UMs (and will probably do so again in 2007), but some MLS supporters' groups might be able to get better rates in North America.

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quote:Originally posted by youllneverwalkalone

there must be a reputable manufacturer we could get in touch with as I recall the impact supporters had some really nice ones made up at one point. there's a thread about it with photos somewhere.

Check out the first post ;).

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