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Christmas Card Tradition


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I was poking around the home page and found the following:

quote:In 1998, also as a small token of their appreciation, the Voyageurs began their Christmas Card tradition for all players of the senior national teams. The first set of cards, were all personalized and were approved by non other than Calgary's Ed Swain, a member of Super Senior Voyageurs in the middle of Chinook Center in Calgary and sent out with the addresses gathered by a number of people to their club addresses.

So was this done last year? Will this "Tradition" be done this year?

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this has not been done (to my knowledge) since i found this board in 2004. it just doesnt get done. i think the last time the voyageurs were involved with a card was at the time of the passing of the great domenic mobilio. it will only happen this year if someone actually takes some initiative.

if this was going to happen...

- first it would need to be decided who gets a card. maybe everyone who got a cap in 2006? does stephen hart get a card? maybe we can send hate mail to yallop as well.

- as a group i think we could come up with distinct personlized messages for each player, and help out with finding and posting the individual club addresses

- then what? someone has to actually buy the cards, address them, write the messages and include the names of the voyageurs who want their names on them, and then send them out. but even this could be spread out among the group- like people can volunteer to take care of one individual player's card (ie: jamit does stalteri's card, brennanfan does brennan's card, etc etc)

- we would need to keep track of who is doing what, names on the cards, and some thoughts for each players message.


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No it hasn't been done I think since Mimglow went underground. And in truth it's pretty tough getting it done this year. This is a pretty big project, a bit expensive and very time sensative. It's the 10th today already.

Just look at the Canadians Abroad section. What are there? 100-125 names on that list. Most overseas. Makes the players easy to find since most are in season this time of year, you just post the card to club X c/o player Y but the cost adds up quick. Last letter I posted to Europe the stamp was $1.50. Might be more now.

Splitting up the work might be practicle if you get a good head start on it, but we aren't so it ain't.

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In the past I believe the work was divided between a few people and all of the Canadians senior intls got a card and a few of the youths abroad did as well (though I don’t remember how we decided or who decided who made the grade).

Reza would probably be the guy to ask for details. I’m pretty sure it was largely out of pocket.

IMHO this was a really great thing and really appreciated by the players.



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