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Scotland asks 24 for UEFA 2012


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something like that:) its being backed by

Latvia, Ireland and Sweden

Reasons the Scottish FA gave include

tournament's attractiveness to sponsors and TV companies

encourage the active involvement of fans from a wider range of countries

and spread revenues more widely among a greater number of national associations

With the increase in membership of UEFA, and the increasing competitiveness of many national teams

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This can easily be done without hurting the quality of the competition. Europe is so deep.

Look who did not qualify for 2004, but made it to Germany:




Serbia Montenegro... now split up

Not to mention the many other nations that could certainly hold their own having done so in the past, including:





I'll stop there, but I've just added the 8 teams to the tournament to take it to 24. That along with the 2004 group, and the tournament seems fine to me.

I'd support it.

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