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Canadian International for 2006 .......

Winnipeg Fury

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...it's that time of year again, and I highly doubt the CSA is going to do anything like this now that everyone has quit or been sacked.

This award goes to the player that has excelled both for Canada and at the club level.

My choice is Radzinski:

He is playing at the highest professional level for Fulham in the EPL and has been a leader for Canada. He was the best player on the field during the Jamaica series and while his committment may have been shaky ten years ago, there is no questioning that now.

My second choice would be Hutchison.

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Great idea Winnipeg Fury. At the end of the year are we going to tally up all the votes and award the "Fan's Canadian International"?

1: Hutchinson

2: Mckenna

3: De Rosario

4: Hume

5: Radzinski


Just going to hi-jack this thread for a momment to post a clarrification on the function of this topic and how to participate in a fashion which will allow your vote to be counted;


The Voyageurs, Canada’s completely unofficial national soccer supporters group are holding their annual, and completely unofficial, International Player of the Year voting in December and would like to invite everyone interested in Canadian soccer to participate. Voting will be open on the Voyageur website until Boxing Day and submissions are welcome to include a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice players.

The Voyageur’s International Player of the Year award is intended to recognize the Canadian player of 2006 who has achieved the greatest success’ at the club and international level for Canada over this past year.

Some simple rules and procedures.

All players who are, as stipulated in FIFA laws, eligible to play for Canada at either the youth or senior level and have done so in the past can be considered for the Voyageurs International Player of the Year.

This is an on-line poll and in order to participate voters must register with the Voyageurs. Only one user per IP (computer) address is eligible to vote in the poll. Additional submissions from the same IP address will be allowed at the sole discretion of the website administrator and all quires regarding this should be forwarded to such.

Voting submissions can be made on the main fan forum in the Men’s Canadian National Team and Players section under the topic, Canadian International for 2006. All submissions are public.

A point system is determined in calculating the value of submissions. First choice submissions receive 5 points. Second choice submissions receive 3 points. Third choice submissions receive 2 points. A player may appear only once as a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice per submission. A submission doesn’t have to include a 2nd or 3rd choice to be eligible.

The player with the highest aggregate point value will be declared the Voyageur International Player of the Year 2006.

Polling is open until Boxing Day 2006 (local time).

co-conspirator at large,



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quote:Originally posted by Jamit

Great idea Winnipeg Fury. At the end of the year are we going to tally up all the votes and award the "Fan's Canadian International"?

My first choice would be Hutchison.

My second would be Kevin Mckenna.

We actually do this every year, but to be honest I think we should start to formalize it a bit.

Without question we should issue a press release for this. Anyone up for it ?

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It's a tough year to consider performances with the MNT, we've only played 5 games and a lot of us only saw 1 or 2 games.

Here's my top 5 for the MNT:

1: Mckenna

2: Radz

3: Hutchinson

4: Paul Stalteri

5: Lars Hirschfeld


1: Will Johnson

2: Peters

3: Edgar


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My choice would also be Radzinski. With Stalteri and deGuzman struggling to get playing time, Radz is playing at the highest league level of any Canadian. With our MNT, his tireless workrate has been a real joy to watch.

Honourable mention to Atiba. I simply love to see this guy play and really admire his humble attitude.

"Relevation-of-the-Year" would go to Tam's return in Hungary. I honestly thought that he was gone for good and was thrilled to see his name on the roster, not to mention reading such glowing reports of his performance.

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Although the MNT contribution has been somewhat lacking in 2006, DeRo deserves some consideration for his club role alone. Most important player on the cup-winning team, finalist for league MVP, near three-peat for goal of the year, and the decisive goal against Chelsea for the MLS XI.

I recognize that his lack of contributions to the MNT this year detract from this. But if you're going to scale back on international play, this was the year to do it (no GC, no WCQ, no permanent coach).

Edit: If I'm going to name my top three, make it 1. DeRo, 2. Kev, 3. Radz.

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Male player of the year: McKenna with a close second to De Rosario. The national team aspect is meaningless this year so doesn't influence my choices at all.

Female player of the year: Christine Sinclair

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I don't think you can necessarily select someone because they play at the highest level. It is certainly a worthy reason for selecting them. However, has he played with greater distinction than Atiba Hutchinson who has often been rated one of the best 3-5 players on the pitch in Champions League?

What about Iain Hume??

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

What about Iain Hume??

He would end up 4th on my list.

quote:May I suggest that you make this a point competition, ie. 1st Place = 5pts, 2nd = 3 pts., 3rd = 2 pts., etc.

I like the idea, if we don't it will just be a two horse race. What do others think and what did you do last year?

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