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US Men's College Competitive Tour Aug. 07


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Connecticut College hopes U-21 club teams will contact bill lessig if they have an interest in hosting a game between Aug. 7-19 '07 during the time the team will be traveling from Windsor > to London > to Hamilton > to St. Catherines > to Toronto > to Kinston > to Ottawa > to Montreal

Connecticut College will recriprocate by hosting a max of 3 teams for a round robin on their campus in New London Connecticut on Sept. 1 & 2. any leads on where else Bill can post this request to get the word out is greatly appreciated. As of today we have penciled in committments from London City U-21, ACC Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa U-21 and McGill Univ.

Bill Lessig > wrles@conncoll.edu > 860-439-2554 in office > fax 860-439-2516

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