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Hungary v Canada in-match (R)


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I think I need to knock down our firewall, which is not going to happen.

Pls post scores at least guys if you could. I like the lineup (not that there was a lot of choice available).

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Halftime now. 1-0 Hungary. Canada had most of the possession early, but Hungary started to come on after a nice run down and cross from the right that forced a great save by Wagenaar off a header. More pressure down the right led to Jazic coming off for Braz. The rest of the half was more balanced, some chances at both ends. Canada had several counterattacks that were very poorly executed.

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15 minutes gone of second half, still 1-0. Peters and Nakajima-Farran come on at the start of the half for Hutchinson and De Guzman. Nakajima-Farran has gotten himself involved; Hungary had a chance very similar to their goal; Peters had a nice run into the box that was cleared at the last minute; Radzinski missed a wide open net by a mile; Hume lost his cool and had to be restrained by his teammates and earned a yellow in the process (as did the Hungarian he tussled with).

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Chat transcript - including some fine play-by-play by Kibby!

[Wed Nov 15 14:08:06 EST 2006] JKCanada

[Wed Nov 15 14:08:07 EST 2006] Massimo

[Wed Nov 15 14:08:40 EST 2006] Jamit

<Jamit> Hello all

<M.A.> hello

<Jamit> Anyone in this chat getting the game?

<brandon> lol i took the day off work in the hopes that i could find this online or at a pub close by

<M.A.> lol

[Wed Nov 15 14:10:20 EST 2006] Jamit

[Wed Nov 15 14:10:27 EST 2006] David C.

<BigCanadianFlag> No score 10' in

[Wed Nov 15 14:10:43 EST 2006] The_Spruce_Moose

<DJT> GolTV's broadcast just started. They missed the first 7 minutes.

<Blue and White Army> heh

<Jamit> Any reason why?

[Wed Nov 15 14:11:22 EST 2006] soccerman

[Wed Nov 15 14:11:34 EST 2006] David C.

[Wed Nov 15 14:11:45 EST 2006] massimo

[Wed Nov 15 14:11:59 EST 2006] The_Spruce_Moose

<Blue and White Army> Hey, it's David Chernushenko from the Green Party!

<massimo> from livescore.com 12 minute and score............0-0!!!!!!!

<gator> is anyone actually watching the game?

<DJT> Canada's starting lineup: Wagenaar, Jazic, Pozniak, Nsaliwa, Hainault, Bernier, Hutchinson, De Guzman, Friend, Hume,


<Blue and White Army> how old is Radzinski?

<David C.> Congrats to Josh and Andrew, on their first starts.

[Wed Nov 15 14:14:37 EST 2006] colin

<M.A.> Nsaliwa's back, woohoo!!

<DJT> I'm watching. Am I the only one? I'd prefer if someone else would do a play by play.

<The_Spruce_Moose> The Hungarian FA has a tracker.....if you understand Hungarian


[Wed Nov 15 14:14:56 EST 2006] Kibby

<Kibby> I sense a blowout

<Kibby> for canada

<Blue and White Army> Magyar time!

<brandon> i think radz is 32 or 33

<DJT> FK by Hume tipped over the bar

<Kibby> Friend heads corner over the bar

<DJT> Friend header off CK over bar.

<DJT> I guess you're watching, Kibby?

[Wed Nov 15 14:16:17 EST 2006] Kibby

<David C.> Sounds like we're pounding them.

<Jamit> Is it just me or is the forum not working?

<Jamit> Never mind.

[Wed Nov 15 14:18:41 EST 2006] colin

<Kibby> WOW

<Kibby> hungarians almost scored

<Kibby> off a head

<DJT> Excellent save by Wagenaar!

<Kibby> beautiful cross from a run down the right wing by the hungarians and an amazing diving save

<Kibby> who's number 15?

<DJT> Nsaliwa

<Kibby> ahh

<Kibby> hence my lack of recognition

<gator> great to see him back!

<DJT> Canada had most possession in the first 15 minutes but Hungary is dominating the last few. 20th minute now.

<colin> whoever is watching the game and providing the chat - thanks! Much appreciated.

<Kibby> nice steal and break for canada

<Kibby> ah hume flutters on a kick

<DJT> Yeah, but they flubbed it

[Wed Nov 15 14:22:20 EST 2006] mellobell

[Wed Nov 15 14:22:50 EST 2006] soccerman

<Kibby> canada taking over possession again

[Wed Nov 15 14:24:04 EST 2006] Mike

<Kibby> last 2 minutes been in the midfield

<Mike> hi all

<Kibby> friend tripped going up the right wing.. taken and fre kick

<Kibby> header wide of the net by hume

<Kibby> hey mike

[Wed Nov 15 14:26:36 EST 2006] WL

[Wed Nov 15 14:26:45 EST 2006] Sem

<Kibby> hungarians cross into box

<Kibby> and canadians head it out for a hungarian throw in

[Wed Nov 15 14:27:38 EST 2006] wl

[Wed Nov 15 14:27:42 EST 2006] canuck_fan

<Kibby> deguz fouled in midfield

<Kibby> canadians coming up left

<Kibby> pentrating

<Kibby> cross

<Kibby> and out of the box

[Wed Nov 15 14:28:24 EST 2006] bob

[Wed Nov 15 14:28:29 EST 2006] Juby

<DJT> That's good play by play, Kibby, I'll leave it to you ;)

[Wed Nov 15 14:28:55 EST 2006] way2goeh

<Kibby> hume gets to the 18 with some nice moves but loses the ball

<Kibby> hungarians pushing

<Kibby> cross and header wide

[Wed Nov 15 14:29:53 EST 2006] Juby

<Kibby> canada controlling most of the play but hungarians are pushing on the right wing

<Kibby> causing Ante Jazic to get subbed

[Wed Nov 15 14:30:16 EST 2006] canuck_fan

<DJT> Braz comes in for Jazic.

<Juby> good

<DJT> Currently 29th minute.

<Jamit> Any stream yet, Brandon?

<Kibby> canada gets into the box

<Kibby> and hungarians ut it out for a corner

[Wed Nov 15 14:31:18 EST 2006] CannuckFan

<Kibby> hume takes it

<Kibby> high

<Kibby> oo

<Kibby> top of the net

<Kibby> friend heads it wide atiba then head it onto the net

<Kibby> hungry fast counter

<David C.> Hume sounds active but needs to keep his shots down.

<Kibby> and back comes canada again

<Kibby> high pace to the game

[Wed Nov 15 14:32:32 EST 2006] Sem

<Kibby> friend crosses it far

<Kibby> and hume heads to keeper

<Kibby> it's a pretty fast paced game

<brandon> ive given up on finding a stream

<Juby> can anyone make a guess at shots and possesion so far?

<Kibby> ummm 65% possession canada?

<Jamit> Sounds like we have been out playing them.

<Kibby> a foot hasn't been put onto net

<David C.> Strange that Jazic looked so poor - should be game fit. Wonder if he has an injury?

<Kibby> but quite a few headers

<Kibby> there right wing is young and real fast david

<Kibby> jazic couldn't keep up

<Kibby> and it looked like he had a limp when he came off

<David C.> Thanks, Kibby. Is Braz looking any better?

<Kibby> he hasn't been tested

<Kibby> they seemed to start coming down the left

<Kibby> after he was subbed

<DJT> Start of 35th minute

<David C.> Have Tam and Andrew been tested yet?

<Kibby> ahhh

<Kibby> radz stole it

<Kibby> and put it too far ahead of friend

<Kibby> great opportunity lost

<Kibby> ya and braz looks good

<Kibby> good pace

<David C.> Thanks Kibby.

<Kibby> fk for hungary

<Mike> congratulations, very good live comments - better than in many online newspapers

<Kibby> ****

<Kibby> hungary scores

<Kibby> header off the FK

<Jamit> No!!!!!!

<Juby> uggghhhh

<Kibby> atiba lost his mark a little

<Kibby> and he headed it past wag

[Wed Nov 15 14:39:12 EST 2006] Paddy

<Kibby> 36minutes

<Jamit> Should Wag have had it?

<Kibby> it was close

<Kibby> radz steals

[Wed Nov 15 14:39:38 EST 2006] a

<Kibby> hume loses it

[Wed Nov 15 14:39:47 EST 2006] Paddy

<Kibby> and bernier puts it over the bar

<Kibby> it was close

<Kibby> just out of his reach jamit

<DJT> Canada's counterattacks are poor

<Kibby> ya

[Wed Nov 15 14:40:26 EST 2006] skrish

<Kibby> they aren't finishing them

<Jamit> Thanks. Any chance that we might see Jamie Peters?

[Wed Nov 15 14:40:41 EST 2006] DjinnX

<Kibby> fk canada now

<Kibby> far out

<Kibby> deguz takes it

<Kibby> friends heads it and goes past hume

<Kibby> back out

<Kibby> hunagarians on the attack

<gator> i believe Hutch is only playing the half!

<Kibby> fk hungary now

<Kibby> headed away

[Wed Nov 15 14:42:04 EST 2006] mellobell

<Kibby> the play is going back and forth pretty quickly

<Kibby> hungarians much more confident after the goal

<Kibby> 40th minute

[Wed Nov 15 14:43:22 EST 2006] jr

<Kibby> hume cross

<Kibby> noone gets to it

<Kibby> play in canada's half

<Paddy> What is the score please?

<Kibby> 1-0 Hungary

<Kibby> 43rd

<Kibby> canada pushing

<Kibby> hungary gets it out

<Kibby> hume pentrates

<Kibby> and hungary pushes it out

<Kibby> corner canada

<Kibby> umm

<Kibby> 100 yard high kick by bernier?

<Kibby> way over the net

<Kibby> possibly hit the rafters

<Juby> uggghhhh

<Kibby> canada pushing again

<Kibby> end of the half

<David C.> Despite the score (down by one), it sounds like we had a good first half. Just need to finish our (many) chances.

<BigCanadianFlag> thanks kibby well done

<David C.> Yeah, Thank Kibby. Great work!

<Kibby> you all stuck at work or something?

<David C.> Yes.

<Jamit> I don't get GOL TV. Are any of the stats being shown.

<way2goeh> no gol tv in brasil.....lol

<Kibby> will be after commericals

<Kibby> im sure

<Kibby> im a pretty huge fan of gol

<Kibby> surplanted FSW for me

<Jamit> I am a fan of PPMate. lol

<Kibby> oh yes i forgot the hume fk on net that was topped over

<Kibby> at 7min

<Kibby> tipped

<Kibby> so there was a kick on net

<Kibby> nbut canada really is having a hard time finishing

<Kibby> 3 shots by hungaryy 2 by canada

<Kibby> 11 fouls hungary 5 canada

<Jamit> Has Hume taken all the attacking Free Kicks?

<gator> Anyone standing out for Canada Kibby?

<Kibby> I can say theres flashes gator but then they'll do something like pass it heavy

<Kibby> or just lose it

<Kibby> Hume is about the closest i can say there is to standing out

<Kibby> the Defenders seem pretty dependable

<Kibby> umm jamit

<Kibby> no

<Kibby> guz took one

<gator> He's been in great form with his club, like to see him score for us!

<Kibby> canada had far more opportunities

<Kibby> just not finishing

<Kibby> slipping

<Kibby> bad pass

<Kibby> something

[Wed Nov 15 14:56:05 EST 2006] Mike

<Kibby> Hainault's looked ok

<Kibby> not out of place

<Sem> What are the chances, that we will see Issey tonight?

<Kibby> i'd say pretty high

<Kibby> Hutch has to come out

<Kibby> i think?

<David C.> Yup, either Issey or Peters will replace Hutchinson.

<Kibby> and they gotta change something up

<Jamit> I hope they give Peters a look.

<Sem> OK thanks. I'm half Canadian myself and a big fan of Issey's club in Denmark.

<Kibby> i can count a good 10 scoring chances for canada that just petered out

<Kibby> having problems crossing onto the head

<Kibby> right height, speed etc

<David C.> Well, at least we're creating tons of chances. It's a start.

<Kibby> Hungarian scorer plays for watford

<Kibby> not sure the name

<Jamit> On the first team?

<Kibby> they didn't specify just said he was with Watford

<Kibby> but mostly they are playing a very young team

<Kibby> and it showed at the beginning

<gator> Priskin #9

<Kibby> 2nd half about to begin

<Kibby> subs

<Kibby> peters in

<Kibby> hutch out im guessing

<Kibby> issey is in too

<David C.> This (Peters in) should be fun...

<Kibby> not sure who he's in for

<Jamit> How old is Peters? 20?

<BigCanadianFlag> how many subs can they use

<Jamit> Three

<David C.> 19, I believe.

<Kibby> they still haven't said who they subbed out for them

<BigCanadianFlag> so they have hit their max for the match now then

<David C.> Looks like Wagenaar is going the distance.

<David C.> I can't get into the Voyageurs site now. Times out.

<Kibby> they said they stll might sub in Ornoch?

<Kibby> maybe they agreed to more subs

<Kibby> play is just back and forth

<DJT> Forum doesn't work because some people can't get on this chat and are relying on the forum but it can't handle the pressure.

<Kibby> in the midfield

<Kibby> shot wide by hungary

<Kibby> nothing really of note

<Kibby> cumm

<Kibby> umm

<Kibby> hungary has it deep

<Kibby> and poz kicks it out

<Kibby> ck hungary

<Kibby> comes into the box

<Kibby> oh

<Kibby> dangerous

<Kibby> cleared off the line

<Kibby> well out of the box

<Kibby> throw in hungary

<Kibby> deep

[Wed Nov 15 15:10:11 EST 2006] jr

<Kibby> canada steals it and fouled

<Kibby> yellow hungary

[Wed Nov 15 15:10:34 EST 2006] JamitJames

<gator> Ornoch & Peters in for Hutch and JDG

<JamitJames> My net was down. Did I miss anything?

<Kibby> Ornoch isn't it... Nakaijima is

<Kibby> good chance for hungary was cleared out of the box off a ck

<gator> for JDG?

<Kibby> ya

<BigCanadianFlag> hungary made any subs?

<Kibby> nakajima passes it away but causes a foul

<Kibby> fk canada

<Kibby> hume taking it

<Kibby> sends it in and headed right out

<Kibby> bernier gets his boots way up

<Kibby> foul

<Kibby> but no card

<Kibby> throw in deep in canada's end

<Kibby> for hungary

<Kibby> put out for another

<Kibby> canada clears

<Kibby> hungary back in

<Kibby> deep on the right

<Kibby> out for throw in

<Kibby> hungary seeming dominant

<Kibby> peteres

<Kibby> goes past 2

<Kibby> in

<Kibby> goalie clears it

<Kibby> nice run by peters

<Kibby> very

<JamitJames> Come on guys, put the ball in the back of the net!

<Kibby> canada deep

<Kibby> aoooooom

<Kibby> canada passes it across the net

<Kibby> radz has it

<Kibby> open net


<jr> ha

<jr> typical radz

<Kibby> shoulda been a goal

<DJT> As usual, our finishing is brutal

<JamitJames> WHAT?

<Kibby> canada still in hungarian end

<Kibby> nakajima makes nice little runand gets it taken away

<Kibby> ball hungary

<colin> same old story... has been for at least a decade

<Kibby> ya radz was 5 yeards off the right post

<Kibby> ona pass from the left

<Kibby> open net

<Kibby> and dinged it off the top of the foot

<Kibby> went to the right and very high

[Wed Nov 15 15:17:05 EST 2006] Hottoddy7

<jr> is nakajima playing in the middle?

<Hottoddy7> hi

<Hottoddy7> what's up folks?

<Kibby> he's on the left side

<Kibby> hume is pissed

<Kibby> hard tackle onhim

<Hottoddy7> still 1-0?

<Kibby> restrained by other canucks

<Kibby> obviousily frsutrated

<Kibby> shown a yellow

<JamitJames> I need to be heading out now. Thanks a lot Kibby!

<Kibby> np

<Kibby> still 1-0

[Wed Nov 15 15:19:28 EST 2006] hottoddy7

<Kibby> out canadian end

<Kibby> gk canada

<hottoddy7> sorry got disconnected still 1-0?

<Kibby> canada passing it around

<Kibby> yes 1-9

<Kibby> 1-0

<hottoddy7> Nakajima is in?

<hottoddy7> for who?

<Juby> hutch

<Kibby> for Julian DeGuzman

<Juby> reallllly?

<Kibby> canada deep

[Wed Nov 15 15:20:42 EST 2006] jonovision

<Kibby> radz loses it

<Kibby> on a tackle

<Kibby> hungary deep now

<Kibby> in the corner

<hottoddy7> is Hutch still playing?

<Kibby> peteres steals it

<Kibby> good play by peters and hainault

<Kibby> no hot

<Kibby> hungary puts one way over the net and to the right

<hottoddy7> are we having a go at them?

<jonovision> I've seen the starting lineup. What subs have been made so far?

<Kibby> BRaz for Jazic

<Juby> hutch and guz out

<Kibby> Peters and Issey for JDG and Hutch

<Kibby> hungary playing better and better as game goes on

<Kibby> deep in canadas end

<hottoddy7> yikes

<Kibby> throw in

<DJT> Start of 65 minute

<Kibby> foul hungary

<hottoddy7> good goal?

<Kibby> header off a fk

<Kibby> from right of the net

<Kibby> hit

<Kibby> hot

<hottoddy7> i see

<Kibby> radz frustrated

<Kibby> nice tackle my issey

<Kibby> good work ethic

<hottoddy7> how has he looked?

<Kibby> freind tackled outside the box

<Kibby> great

<hottoddy7> good to hear

<Kibby> great fk spot

<Kibby> hume taking the fk

<Kibby> ooo

<Kibby> directly to the goalie

<gator> Gotta go home from work, thanks for the excellent updates Kibby!

<Kibby> who loses control of it for a second but regains it

<Kibby> ooooooooo

<Kibby> just like that

<Kibby> hungary is back and almost scores

<Kibby> just over the box

<hottoddy7> back and forth it seems

<Kibby> the play is from one end to the other really quickly

<hottoddy7> how has Tam played?

<Kibby> umm

<Kibby> canada chances

<Kibby> and it out

<Kibby> tam ok

<Kibby> his man scored on the header

<Kibby> for hungary

<Kibby> beside that

<Kibby> oh man

<Kibby> canada pushonmg

<Kibby> hard

<Kibby> frantic play

<Kibby> arounbd te box

<Kibby> omg

<Kibby> wtf

<Kibby> too much to explain

<Kibby> canada with a flurry of chances

<Kibby> friend taken down in box

<Kibby> no call it seems

<Kibby> could shoulda maybe been a penalty

<Kibby> hungary ball

[Wed Nov 15 15:28:14 EST 2006] jonovision

<Kibby> canada taking over the play now

<Kibby> deep in the corner

<Kibby> radz

<Kibby> working around

<Kibby> cross

<Kibby> header wide

<Kibby> corner canada

[Wed Nov 15 15:29:06 EST 2006] brandon

<Kibby> ref said it went off hungarian

<Kibby> all canada for last 4 minutes

<Kibby> with a flurry of chances

<Kibby> 70th minute

<Kibby> hungarians subbing people out

<Kibby> ck

<Kibby> hungary clears it out the side

<Kibby> throw in canada

<Kibby> hungary fouls peter but no call

<Kibby> hungary counterattacking

<Kibby> and cnada get is

<Kibby> 2 on 1

<Kibby> friend pulled right down

<Kibby> and no foul

<Kibby> cnada in the corner cross

<Kibby> inm the boix

<Kibby> golaie gets it

<Kibby> sorry action is fast watching screen and typing :P

<Kibby> canada really pushing for a goal

<Kibby> but not finsihing

<Kibby> some questionable non calls by hungary

<hottoddy7> sounds like canada is getting screwed on the calls

<colin> keep it up kibby! Great stuff

<Kibby> like the announcers say if they can just get it on net

<Kibby> hungary making alot of mistakes now

<Kibby> canada building from the back

<Kibby> hungary steals and candada gets it right back

<Kibby> building up again

<Kibby> going up the left side

<Kibby> in the crner

<Kibby> canaada at 18

<Kibby> hume can't get it through

<Kibby> in the corner cross

<Kibby> ooooooo

<Kibby> issey heads it into the goalie

<Kibby> friend barely missed the header

<Kibby> canada with alllllllll kinds of pressure

<Kibby> hume is all over

<Kibby> deep in hungarian end

<Juby> wait...so we have 3 strikers and 2 wingers/

<Juby> ?

<Kibby> ya

<Kibby> seems so

<DJT> 77th minute

<Juby> no wonder its a back and forth game

<Kibby> play is all canada

<Kibby> radz nice moves

<Kibby> cross

<Kibby> to the foot of the hungarian

<David C.> Man, I wish I could watch this (fast) game...!

<Sem> Me too

<Kibby> i like issey

<Kibby> i like him alot

[Wed Nov 15 15:36:02 EST 2006] jhanesross

<Kibby> he deserves call back

<Kibby> hungarian subbing off their goal scorer

<Kibby> play still all canada

<Kibby> lots of grabbing by hungary

<DJT> I think Hungary are sitting back

<Juby> yeah, I wanna see the strategy, it seems almost like a sphere with bernier in the middle and i'm guessing humes a little


<jonovision> does Canada have any subs left?

<Kibby> hungarian currently crying on the field from a slight elbow to the face

<BigCanadianFlag> good

<David C.> Meet Gordie Howe (smile).

<Kibby> radz needs to step it up

<Kibby> makes some nice moves

<Kibby> but not enough

<DJT> 81st minute

<Kibby> cross into canadian box headed out

<Kibby> bad give away vby bernier

<Kibby> in the corner and throw in for hungary deep

<Kibby> ee

<Kibby> hungary heads it just wide

<DJT> Canada has had problems defending corners free kicks from the wings.

<Kibby> most definately

<hottoddy7> no Mckenna will do that I guess

[Wed Nov 15 15:41:24 EST 2006] Barrie, ON

<David C.> No worries, CONCACAF teams can't head the ball.

<Kibby> canada passing it around

<Kibby> lse the ball at the box

<Kibby> lose

<Kibby> hungary countering

<Kibby> cross and headed out

<DJT> Start of 85th minute

<hottoddy7> bloody hell

<Kibby> hungarian runs into a canadian

<Kibby> and falls down

<Kibby> gets free kick

[Wed Nov 15 15:42:48 EST 2006] yoyo

<Kibby> deserves throat punch

<yoyo> whats the score?

<Kibby> fk incoming

<Kibby> punched by wag

<Kibby> hungary pushing now

<Kibby> 1-0

<hottoddy7> Kibby are you very biased towards Canada or is the reffing as crap as it sounds?

<Kibby> hungary

<yoyo> ****e

<Kibby> it was ****e :P

<yoyo> how are we playing?

<Kibby> he didn't even have the ball

<yoyo> bad freekick call?

<Kibby> very

<Kibby> he lost the ball

<yoyo> ****e

<Kibby> ran into a canadian who was backing up

<yoyo> ridiculous

<Kibby> and fell down

<yoyo> we still need goals to wiin

<yoyo> how is our possession?

<Kibby> Andrjech Ornach comes into the game

<yoyo> how much time left?

<Kibby> 4 minutes

<Kibby> and injury

<yoyo> damnit

<hottoddy7> on for who?

<yoyo> do we press at all?

<jonovision> sounds like Canada has been pressing for the last 20 minutes or so

<yoyo> nice

<Kibby> they had pressed

<Kibby> til about 5-6 minutes ago

<Kibby> then it was all hungary

<Kibby> in hungary end

<yoyo> do we look on teh level?

<Kibby> canada passing it around

[Wed Nov 15 15:45:44 EST 2006] Jeffrey S.

<Kibby> petes from top of box

<Kibby> and its over the net

<Kibby> off a deflection

<Kibby> ck canada

<yoyo> wicked...

<Kibby> whistled down

<yoyo> we need to tie it

<Kibby> to be taken again

<yoyo> how did hutchison look?

<yoyo> how is the half japanese guy?

<Kibby> ck into box headed back out

<Kibby> cross into goalies arms

<Kibby> in canada end now

<Kibby> 1 minute and stoppage

<Kibby> in hungarian end

<Kibby> friend called off side

<Kibby> barely was

<yoyo> who has been our best player?

<Kibby> a half foot could been a 1 on 1

<Kibby> hard to say

<Kibby> noone has played great

<Kibby> hume showed alot of work ethic

<Kibby> but made some poor passes

<Kibby> defenders giving up to may chances

<Kibby> forwards not finsihing

<Kibby> despite having numerous chances

<Kibby> and i mean alot

<Kibby> in stopage time

<Kibby> game over

<Kibby> hungary 1

<Kibby> canada 0

<Juby> I'd blame that on the formation for the D, having so many people up must mean they dealt with alot of rushes

<way2goeh> another goose egg........sigh

<yoyo> ****e...

<yoyo> too bad

<yoyo> we need goals

<Kibby> unable to finish

[Wed Nov 15 15:49:42 EST 2006] Blue is the colour

<Kibby> just unable to finish

<Juby> great commentary kibby

<yoyo> yeah thanks for the play by

<way2goeh> thx 4 the play by play kibby

<David C.> Thanks for the awesome account, Kibby. Look forward to your reviews back on the V's site.

<brandon> vwey well done

<mellobell> Thanks for the commentary

<yoyo> is the game gonna be available as a torrent?

<Sem> Thank you. Do you have a little comment on Issey?

<Kibby> I like Issey

<Kibby> impressed me

<Kibby> didn't look out of place

<Kibby> has a definate place int eh depth of canada

<Kibby> deserves a call back

<Kibby> worked hard

<Kibby> made a few little errors but drew some nice fouls

<Kibby> and made some nice plays

<Kibby> good moves

<Sem> Good to know. I see him on a regular basis, and he definately has great potential.

<Kibby> again work ethic

<Kibby> if i rated players by who didn't piss me off

<Kibby> Peters and Issey got my high scores

<David C.> Wagenaar...?

<Kibby> ok

<Kibby> and WAg

<Kibby> dandy of a save

<Kibby> off a header

<yoyo> nice

<Kibby> in the first

<Kibby> not much he could do about the goal

<Kibby> was close

<yoyo> well...for a match with a rookie goalie..not a bad result

<Kibby> but just out of reach

<yoyo> we just need to find more power moving forward

<yoyo> a more vicious attack

<yoyo> its close...

<yoyo> maybe with de ro

<yoyo> who knows

<Kibby> canada needed finishing more then anything

<yoyo> totally

<Kibby> and better play against sets and corsses

<Kibby> crosses

<yoyo> how was our attacking mid?

<Kibby> defenders need work

<David C.> Sounds like our build-up was great, though.

<yoyo> cool

<Kibby> was

<yoyo> hmm...potential..but man we need big results...really not bad for a team taht plays for a country that doesn't care

<yoyo> i mean imagine if this team had a country backing it?

<Kibby> from the first 15 minutes

<yoyo> they might get results

<Kibby> of the game

<M.A.> thanks for the commentary kibby

[Wed Nov 15 15:55:22 EST 2006] Scotia

<Kibby> i woulda bet on a blowout

<Kibby> for canada

<yoyo> hmm...

<yoyo> wow...

<Kibby> but after that hungarian goal

<yoyo> that much pressure

<Kibby> things changed

<yoyo> interesting...

<Kibby> canada had all the possession for the first 15

<yoyo> nice..

<Kibby> then things slowly changed

<yoyo> i think we have a club...but need a but more vision out there...

<yoyo> more games...

<yoyo> just keep the games coming

<yoyo> not 3 a year

<yoyo> 13 a year

<Kibby> ya

<Kibby> more games

<Kibby> way more

<yoyo> then they can challenge a bit

<yoyo> more camps...more money

<Kibby> no international should go without one

<yoyo> totally

<Scotia> How Effective was hume

<Kibby> great work ethic and passion

<Kibby> speedy

<Kibby> creative

<Kibby> hard shot

<Kibby> but

<Scotia> any chances

<Kibby> many

<Kibby> and he fluffed

<Kibby> he got to get the chance

<Kibby> but then did nothing

<Kibby> he did have a fk

<Kibby> though he put it right under the bar

<Kibby> but the goalie got his tips on them

<Kibby> it was all a lack of finishing

<Kibby> this game

<Kibby> radz, friend and hume all had chances

<Scotia> as always

<Kibby> good ones

<Kibby> anyways

<Kibby> ciao guys

<yoyo> iao

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