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Bob Gansler Mo's TFC assistent coach?


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On Big Soccer they are reporting that Bob Gansler is indeed going to be the next TFC assistent coach as previously rumoured. While Gansler is a good choice and a much more experienced coach than Mo is, he certainly is does not live up to the billing Mo gave of the next coach being someone who will blow the fans away and who has accomplished everything in soccer. Sports Illustrated is reporting this at the bottom of an article with some DeRo info as well:


Other news from MLS Cup weekend: MLS investors passed a rule that every game will have to be broadcast on television next season ... The 2007 All-Star Game will take place in Denver ... Former U.S. and Kansas City coach Bob Gansler will be an assistant to Mo Johnston at expansion club Toronto FC, which debuts next season ... Toronto is about to begin exploring what it would take to bring Toronto native Dwayne De Rosario from Houston to TFC next season. Don't think Houston won't ask for a lot in return, however

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quote:Originally posted by nolando

Well said, Rudi...and would this mean more Yanks at TFC??

No more than Mo originally wanted, I don't think.

TFC should be formally announcing the 3 (possibly 4) new Canadian internationals signed to the team by early next week, btw.

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