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Winnipeg Voyageurs gathering.......

Winnipeg Fury

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quote:Originally posted by shaku_bert

As per e-mail, I'd be happy to attend an event. If we're looking to do an evening thing, perhaps a monday nighter to watch NFL? (Its not footie but its an excuse to drink beer). I'm cool with any location.

Rumour has it that the Hungary match may be televised, so maybe we can gather for the game......

Who else is in ?

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quote:Originally posted by Winnipeg Fury

Great to see the match is on TV (Gol TV), and I hope we can get together. Unfortunetly, I'm off deer hunting, and may be late for the match.

I will be gone for a few days, so perhaps Redhat can take over the organizing party ?

Cheeta, could find out where we can possibly see the game on Wednesday?

This would be a great opportunity to get everyone together, albeit

at 2p.m. on a Wednesday. Thanks.

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I'll sniff about this weekend. Had a wedding yesterday and a load of crap leading up to it but things are getting back to normal now so I've got time.

See the replay is 8 o'clock Winnipeg time. That'll work out nicely for me, the Wee Elf, and it seems a few others. Not going to get out early at all next week. Checked, got people in the shop going on holiday. Booo!

Stay tuned. If anybody comes up with anything speak up.

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Success! Nicolino's on Pembina Hwy (AKA The Orbit Room)will be showing the game at 1 p.m. as requested. Hopefully a few of you will

be available. The evening thing may be a problem though, as a

Grey Cup Party kickoff is happening that evening.

Email me if you're interested. Otherwise it'll be me, my Moosehead, and Bell ExpressVu cheering for Issey, Tam, and the boys in red.

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Guys, got some bad news from my side for this Wednesday. It turns out that I am SOL either in the afternoon (work, unless I get out by 1pm) and in the evening (it turns out that my church has a finance committee meeting that evening).

Darn shame. Perhaps, maybe an alternative day could be possible to disscuss footie later on. Anyways, go Canada go !!!

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Sorry, got reaaal busy unexpectedly. That and my keyboard at home crashed. Couple of things.

Still gonna make a few calls today see if anybody will be carrying the match later in the evening. Hopefully someplace central.

Grey Cup week maybe not the best time for a wee get together, we'll see.

And, further proof that with a little charm Cheeta can talk a squirrel out of a tree AND get him to hand over his nuts, your's truly got tommorrow off so I'll be drinking Moosehead with redhat. HA! Have fun at work lads!

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Great! The more the merrier. Hopefully they do have the channel

as the girl I talked to checked for me on Monday. Should be okay,

and Cheeta's buying my beer. (Or IS he?) ;)

Anyways, it's great to see some numbers of Voyageurs forgoing

work for the sake of our country ...

Possible numbers gathering for the Hungary vs. Canada match:

Winnipeg: 6

Montreal: 12

Toronto: 40

Vancouver: ?

Edmonton: ?

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