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Women's Team in Turmoil?


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Hooper is welcome to say whatever she likes, damaging to herself or otherwise although libellous statements may risk legal retribution. It's her actions that are being criticised and none of her recent actions take away from her very positive contribution to the national team in her younger days. Interesting to note that she seems to have gone quiet about the national team saga. There is nothing about it on her website later than December 8, 2006.

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quote:Originally posted by wanderingwilbur

Nice come back Richard, you sure are a winner in your own eyes.

Nothing whatsoever to do with whether I am a winner or otherwise, this is about Charmaine Hooper.

Am I right or am I wrong in my last post - yes or no?

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So... who planned a long haul international flight then to play a game against the US well supposedly jet lagged ?

I think Even is having a bit of trouble organising his team prep for China...he is clearly going to screw up in Rio ..by going to NZ first then flying back to Canada then to Rio...we should have gone to South America and set up camp there instead of going to NZ.

With a residency camp in Brasil from Mid June, we could play and work on an adjusted style to be able to handle the emerging ball control style of play in Womens soccer.

If the CSA mandates the long ball over home style surely EVen can see he needs to be able to defend the short ball control game, I suspect the players really dont have good intellectual handle on what they need to read in the game to achieve this...getting blown out by the US even jet lagged shows we lack mental toughness.

I fear we are going to sink deeper untill Even is dumped, its clear he was not considered talented enough for the MEns national team..so why keep him for the womens ?

Bring in Simones ..before the China ...tournament.

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I have seen the game against the US and the girls did not looked tired at all.

it just that the result was due to the technical ability of the two teams.

US was passing the ball with purpose Canada was just there to disrupt with no ability of putting 3 passes together.

just connection with the ball a kick it away.

the only player that looks like she was on the moon was Erin

she was caught in no man's land numerous times as if she was playing sweeper more than keeper.

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