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Inaugural Women’s Peace Queen Cup [R]


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Women’s National Team

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Canada will compete in Inaugural Women’s Peace Queen Cup Korea 2006

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - The Canadian Women’s National team will travel to South Korea in October to take part in the 1st Peace Queen Cup Korea 2006 that will be staged from October 28th to November 4th, 2006 in six Korean cities – Seoul; Cheonan; Suwon; Changwon; Masan; Gimhae.

This tournament will be Canada’s final matches before it enters the 2006 CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup where they will attempt to earn one of the region’s direct berths to the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Peace Cup, which previously featured men’s club teams in the first two editions, will feature eight women’s national teams. The tournament was established to promote World Peace through soccer. This inaugural women’s Peace Cup will see teams playing a round-robin format in group play and the group winners meeting for the title.

Canada has been drawn in Group A with Italy, Brazil and the Korea Republic. Therefore, Canada will face Italy on October 28th, followed by the Korea Republic on October 30th and end group match play on November 1st against Brazil.

This thirteen game, six city tournament will see the top team of Group A and Group B meet for a one match final on November 4th, 2006.

'South Korea is staging a wonderful tournament - maybe the most competitive tournament outside world cup and Olympic games - in competition with Algarve cup only. This event comes in the middle of our extensive Residency camp this fall and will serve both as a great factor of motivation and as a perfect tune up prior to Gold cup/World cup qualifying late November,” said Head coach Even Pellerud.” We will face some challenges as how to get all players released, but this event will represent an amazing opportunity for our players. From a team perspective, we will take advantage of these international games by giving many players playing time and also by do some last tactical experimenting before the Gold cup.'

The Canadian Women’s national team will undergo serious training during an upcoming residency camp from October 16th to November 5th in Vancouver, BC.

For additional details on the Women’s Peace Queen Cup 2006, please visit: http://www.peacecup.com/

Tournament Schedule:

Peace Queen Cup Korea 2006

October 28th to November 4th, 2006

South Korea (six cities): Seoul; Cheonan; Suwon; Changwon; Masan; Gimhae.

Group A:



Korea Republic


Group B:




DPR Korea

Canada Group matches schedule:

October, 28th 2006 - Seoul, South Korea

4h00pm - Canada vs. Italy

October 30th, 2006 - Masan, South Korea

6h20pm - Canada vs. South Korea

November 1st, 2006 - Changwon, South Korea

5h00pm - Canada vs. Brazil

November 4th, 2006 – Seoul, South Korea

1h30pm - Tournament Final, Teams TBD.

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I'm close to Seoul, so I'm really hoping to get to at least the game on the 28th. I can't do the weekday games, because I have to work, but I hope to have a report from that first game.

Any idea on what kind of a squad we'll be taking? And what about the other teams, can we expect an A-Team from all of them (I'm particularly thinking of the USA).

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The WNT will arrive in Korea on October 24th, and one can assume trainging sessions will follow. Their first game is October 28th.

I'm unsure how I feel about that. It's a large time change, and maybe it isn't enough time for them to adjust. Then again, maybe it is.

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I've just been looking at the official website.

Its USD$200,000 for the winner

and USD$50,000 for the runner up.

I'm sure that money would come in handy for the CSA.

Also just noticed that Canada is a replacement team for Nigeria and Netherlands are now replacing North Korea in Group B

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Will Canada have any trouble getting their top players given that the tournament is right in the middle of the US College season? I can't see the top teams giving up their players as they prepare for playoffs. Will we be "filling" in the team with top under-20 non-college (read highschool) players? It is not like the Canadian women's team has a lot of depth.

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Now that the media investigations have revealed the shady deals and coercion exerted by coach Pellerud, I believe the rest of the players in the team will be playing under duress. This is not good for team chemistry let alone confidence in the coach. Game results at the Peace Cup, which would have been a good indication of the team’s strength, now they may not be. The only move that can save the WNT’s future will be a change in coaching and rather soon. The CSA seems to like interim and temporary appointments and that would be ok. The new temp coach needs to be someone with no connection or arm length relationship with the Whitecaps organization or present program. Preferably someone from Ontario far removed from the murky waters.

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I'm not familiar with a lot of the Women's Team, but I am surprised to see that Karina LeBlanc is not on this squad. I've always thought she was a very capable keeper - at least more so that Erin McLeod. And with World Cup Qualifying on the horizon, is this the time to be experimenting? We should be taking our strongest squad to this tournament (again, if someone could fill me in on if this actually is our strongest squad, that would be great).

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quote:Originally posted by terpfan68

I noticed Mellanie Booth is the only player who is currently playing for US Colleges. How close is this lineup to the "best" team Canada can produce? How many changes can we expect before the Gold Cup?

Brittany Timko, Robyn Gayle and Diana Matheson are also currently NCAA players ... and all three have not redshirted their seasons this year (unlike Mel Booth).
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quote:Originally posted by terpfan68

So Brittany, Robyn and Diana would be able to play in the Peace Cup if their college season is over?

Not exactly. They are going to play at the Peace Cup and end up missing some games w/their NCAA teams (not sure what each school schedule is, so maybe they might not miss that many games).

They'll return to their college teams once the tournament is over.

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If the games are televised anywhere couldn't the feed be used by any of the Canadian networks. I would think that since the games are on the otherside of the world the broadcast times here would not be peak viewing hours. I would gladly stay up late or get up early to watch the women play.

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