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CSL Playoff Semi-Finals

Rocket Robin

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quote:Originally posted by Dok je srca bitce Croatie

Here we go again with the anti-ethnic Richard, you really gotta give it a rest, the problem isnt the ethnic teams its the fact that the league is not what it claims to be ' professional' ....

This professional soccer which you are naively pushing for, too bad it dont exist, its rather the highest level of amateur soccer we have in this province. The csl is 'professional' on paper only, Until players can make a living of their ' salary ' alone then it will not be considered professional. I know how it is with guys on the teams, 'professional' soccer player by hobby and construction worker in order to make bread and survive.......

And i know it might be a tough pill to swallow but remember had there be no 'ethnics', there would be no soccer in this country. PERIOD .

Any anti sentiments towards ethno-centric teams that you attribute to me are all inside your own head, other than that your post really just confirms my position.

The 'international division' and apparent lack of professionalism of the high priced CSL despite its lofty aspirations are two distinctly separate issues, please don't confuse them.

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quote:Originally posted by BringBackTheBlizzard

Sounds to me after reading that rant that Brampton paid their players way too much to be viable (the franchises with staying power are the London Citys and North York Astros after all) and this incident provided a face saving way to walk out on the league.

Interesting snippet about the City of Toronto possibly not wanting to rent out their fields to Toronto Croatia and the Serbian White Eagles. Croatia are probably OK in that scenario as they play out in the boonies but SWE would have a major problem if that applied next season if their lease on Centennial runs out after this season given that Hamilton is probably also off limits to them as well. I guess the Soccer Centre in Vaughan would be the most obvious solution and they would have to downsize their ambitions a bit.

Money to players per game was never what is stated. Try half of that or less. Ownership has been very fair to the players generally in regard to compensation.

Money is not an issue re the withdrawal of the Stallions from the playoff game or anything else do with with the costs of running the team. We know it is all to do with the field situation.

The writer of the rant is from an other planet with his claims. Just not credible with attendances and such matters. Paid average crowd would range from less than 20 to an average of maybe 50-60 plus. At no time were there anything near 800 people at any games (lol).

Ranter implies a key part of Stallions CSL team. Fact is he was no part of it.

The CSL should not hold comments in the rant against the Stallions when they decide what to do about any penalties re the defaulted game and should concentrate only on the facts of the issue and not the hysterics from a person who would like us all to think he was a big shot when, in reality, he was nobody with the CSL team and his sole contribution was involvement in the Peel Halton District league with the so called Stallions B team. Even there I can't see what he could possibly contribute there either.

Therefore Mr. Commissioner, I am certain ownership does not endorse the message from the ranter seen on other message boards and, for the future, your group has to handle such issues that forced the Stallions to withdraw a little better and show a little flexibility. Brampton has been a model franchise.

The CSL is not exactly blameless in this matter and I think ownership of Brampton Stallions worked hard to make the franchise a success so don't make matters amy worse than they already are.

The final analysis is that the Stallions were a victim of bad weather and poor planning and communication by others.

(I'm done with this subject and, for the record, am a supporter of the league and looking forward to the CSL growing steadily, wisely and successfully which is, without a doubt, your goal too).

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