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Under 20's Championships in Malaysia 97


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I was just having a look at FIFA.com and found the Canadian squad for the Under-20's championships in Malaysia back in 1997. It was an interesting squad looking back but what happened to them all. Some of them, such as Taki Vohalis, Bryan Devenney, Steve McCauley, Chris Stathopoulos, Eric Munoz and Neal Yeung are unheard of nowadays:

1 VOHALIS Taki - 15/08/1977

2 CLARKE Jeff - 18/10/1977

3 HASTINGS Richard - 18/05/1977

4 DEVENNEY Bryan - 12/12/1977

5 MC CAULEY Steve - 08/01/1977

6 BENT Jason - 08/03/1977

7 STALTERI Paul - 18/10/1977

8 ARISTODEMO Robbie - 20/05/1977

9 STATHOPOULOS Chris - 29/12/1977

10 KINDEL Steve - 25/07/1977

11 SKINNER Jeff - 02/05/1977

12 REDA Marco - 22/06/1977

13 MATHOT Jason - 01/08/1978

14 MUNOZ Eric - 29/08/1977

15 YEUNG Neal - 05/12/1977

16 JORDON Jason - 30/05/1978

17 DE ROSARIO Dwayne - 15/05/1978

18 FRANKS Michael - 20/04/1977

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Jason Mathot played in the lower leagues in Holland for a couple of seasons. I think he now plays in the Vancouver Metro Soccer League (amateur).

Jeff Skinner played for the Vancouver 86ers for several seasons. I believe he is now a fireman and playing in the VMSL.

Jeff Clarke, Steve Kindel and Jason Jordan are on the Vancouver Whitecaps current roster.

Mike Franks was keeper for the Whitecaps for a number of years but left to pursue other interests when Tony Caig was signed.

Jason Bent played pro in Europe for a number of years till injured while on Canadian national team duty. He is now a coach with an academy north of Toronto.

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