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USL D1 - August 26 - Vancouver vs Minnesota [R]


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Just tuned in to the AM730 Webcast, only to hear a Seattle Seahawks pre-game show for a pre-season game. Which included a Seattle high school football report. Is this a Vancouver station or a Seattle station? And I thought only Torontonians were American wannabes. [8)]

I bet they have the Whitecaps on the radio in Vancouver and this crap on their Webcast. (EDIT: Yes, that's what happened.) Why? If I wanted the Seattle Seahawks then I'd look for a Webcast from Seattle, and anyone in Vancouver who wants the Seattle Seahawks can look for a Webcast from Seattle (or maybe even receive it from a Seattle radio station?) instead of a Webcast from a local Vancouver station. How silly, but this isn't the first time they've done this.


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