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Another idea for Canadian Open Cup

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I was looking at this:


and I got myself to thinking what if you could merge the Voyageurs Cup, CSL Open Canada Cup and Challenge Cup into a national cup using the Ranfurly Shield (New Zealand rugby) as a model:


1) based on challenge format as opposed to a league or knockout rounds format

2) the current provincial cups would now be open to PDL, CSL and USL 1 teams e.g. Vancouver Whitecaps would play in the BC provincial cup and the Montreal Impact would play in the Coupe de Quebec, and the CSL teams and Toronto Lynx and Toronto FC would play in the Ontario Cup.

3) instead of flying teams out to play in October for the Challenge Cup, 1 team would be flown out at a time to challenge the current provincal cup holder.

4) As a challenge format would be used, a visiting provincial cup winner would try to win the Cup and take it back to their province where then other provincial winners would try to win it and take it home.

5) The Cup would be played between May and August.

I open the board to discussion and debate.


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