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CSL Week 11

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Result of the Sunday August 6th, 2006 CSL game between Caribbean Selects and Toronto Supra Portuguese played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:00pm.

11 min…TSP Uarlem Castro GOAL…Castro gets pass on left side of box and 6 yard shot is low and to right side of net.

21 min…TSP Fabio Silva GOAL…TSP Selmir Sehic chips from 20 yards on right at top of box that has Silva charge to ball on left and sends 6 yard shot into right side of net.

23 min…TSP Selmir Sehic is pulled down inside box by CS Ajani Stapleton when he gets a quick through ball. Stapleton then earns a Yellow card for kicking the ball away from referee Mike Roeken.

25 min…TSP Uarlem Castro GOAL…After a few delays in placing the ball on the spot for the Penalty kick, Castro stutter steps two separate times and shoots ball to low left corner of net just out of reach of diving goalie Ramon McIntosh.

34 min…TSP Andrew Silva GOAL…Silva shoots in low 6 yard shot from left to right corner of net after a TS player had missed connecting on cross from right and the ball rolled through to an unmarked Silva.

46 min…CS Dwayne Osborne is pulled down in the TSP box by defender. The referee signals for a Penalty kick.

47 min…CS Douglas Sereti GOAL…Sereti stutter steps on his Penalty kick then blasts ball off underside of the bar near right post with Michael Silva sliding low left for save. There was initial confusion and a CS player then blasted the ball into net but the referee’s assistant’s flag was up. Could it have been an offside call? Nope. The flag was up to signal a goal. This was like Zidane’s penalty kick in the World Cup Final.

49 min…TSP Uarlem Castro GOAL…Castro gets pass on right from right side of box and his 7 yard shot is to left side of net.

73 min…TSP Andrew Silva GOAL…Silva is fed ball up middle and chips from 20 yards over charging goalie that drops just under bar in center of net after defender misplays ball leaving Silva in alone.

Final Score:…Caribbean Selects……..1………Toronto Supra Portuguese…….6…….

Attendance was about 50 on this hot humid evening. This game was hastily arranged when Italia Shooters didn’t want to play this game when they have their Open Canada Cup quarterfinal game tomorrow night. Toronto Supra Portuguese would have been the home team against Shooters tonight. This would have been the stadium where they would have played. This game was moved up from Saturday August 19th but the Selects home stadium will still not be ready. Birchmount Stadium is now not scheduled to be available until September. Most of the fans looked like Supra supporters. An opportunity lost with hundreds of thousands of tourists downtown this weekend for the Caribana festival. I’m still recovering from sunburn yesterday watching the Caribana parade.

This was actually the first win by Toronto Supra Portuguese this season. They’ve had six ties and only three losses during league play so they are competitive and tonight they won comfortably. Michael Silva only had to catch or punch away a few long crosses to keep the Selects from scoring on all but the Penalty kick. Selects haven’t won a game since June 17th and are starting to get blown out of their games. Both teams don’t stand much chance of catching the top three in the International Division or a wildcard position from the National Division.

I saw Ken Stanojevic from Serbian White Eagles scouting this game. Yesterday afternoon they hosted Santa Clara of the Portuguese second division and played them to a 0-0 tie on rather short notice in front of 400 people. Tomorrow, Italia Shooters host Brampton Stallions at The Soccer Centre. After hearing that Ottawa St Anthony’s Italia beat Windsor Borderstars 1-0 tonight, the winner of tomorrow’s game will be the only CSL team left in the semi-final. OK some of that pressure is off because London City is back in as a Wildcard team as hosts for the Labour Day weekend tournament.

Rocket Robin


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Result of the Friday August 11th, 2006 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Toronto Supra Portuguese played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:30pm.

24 min…Supra Vahlem Castro GOAL…TSP Selmir Sehic crosses from right side of box that has another TSP player knock down ball on header and Castro get away 12 yard shot from left into right side of net beyond flying goalie Dusan Belic.

62 min…SWE Sasa Viciknez takes 24 yard freekick up the middle that hits hand of player in TSP wall of players standing in the box. Referee Steve DePiero calls for a Penalty kick.

64 min…SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL…Viciknez shoots Penalty kick into left side of net about halfway up while goalie Michael Silva crumples in center of net.

76 min…SWE Dragon Radovic GOAL…SWE Sasa Viciknez cornerkick from left is over players in box and Radovic boots in 6 yarder to right side of net. Viciknez then earns a Yellow card for tearing off his shirt and running along the track for the fans.

82 min…SWE REC card…Marko Janicek earns a direct ejection for part in a pushing match between players and a few cheap shots by both teams.

Final Score:………Serbian White Eagles……..2………Toronto Supra Portuguese……..1………

Attendance was about 750 on this warm evening with the sun only having an effect against the White Eagles in the first half.

The White Eagles remain undefeated in league play with ten wins in ten games. This game they didn’t look as dominating as what I’ve read from reports in the last few weeks. They are missing scorers Gabriel Pop and Nicki Budalic both out with injuries and they couldn’t connect on any dangerous shots in the first half.

The White Eagles got the winning goal set up when the Supra goalie was called for holding the ball for too long in the box before punting it away. That resulted in an SWE freekick from the edge of the box. Supra’s Michael Diluca earned a Yellow card on Sasa Viciknez’s original kick for being too close to the ball. Viciknez then blasted a shot that deflected off a TSP defender wide left for a cornerkick at 76 minutes.

Supra only won their first game of the season last week. They had a gift chance deep in injury time when Alex Rafael got a ball popped over to him and his 10 yard chip shot hit the right goalpost. The fans were really chanting for the referee to blow the whistle to preserve the White Eagles win. There was a scheduled five minutes of injury time and that was extended when SWE Sinisa Ninkovic was hurt in his own end with a knock in the face.

These two teams were scheduled for a rematch on Sunday at this stadium with the Supra being deemed to be the home team but that game has been postponed because the White Eagles are going to play a special exhibition against Harbourview FC from Jamaica at 7:00pm. The league might be grateful the Supra rematch is not taking place right away because the game got chippy near the end of the game with so many legit and faked injuries; it was difficult to tell what was real.

A moment of silence was held at the beginning of the game in memory of the recent death of original Serbian White Eagle player Nikola Ivetic. He was a player back in the 1970s and was well before my time following soccer.

Rocket Robin


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Friday, August 11

There were two games in the CSL tonight:

Serbian White Eagles 2, Toronto Supra Portuguese 1

St. Catharines Wolves 2, London City 1

St. Catharines Ashely McMillan opened the scoring at the 28 min mark that held up to the half. City's Stefan Clark tied the game with his first goal for City at the 52 min mark. Tonardo Copeland scored the winning goal for the Wolves at the 81 min. mark to end the game at 2-1 .

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I have a question about the CSL, how entertaining is it? like I gather it's probably around the skill of about 3 divisions below the nationwide conference in England but is it a good game to watch or is it more like the average mens league or a university level game?

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