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Hart announces roster


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for the U-16 Caribbean Cup......;)

Men’s U-17 Team

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hart Announces Roster for Caribbean Cup

Stephen Hart

Ottawa, Ontario – Canada’s Men’s U-17 Team Head Coach and interim National Team boss, Stephen Hart, has announced his 18-man roster for the upcoming U-16 Caribbean Football Union’s Youth Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. The young Canadians are the defending champions of the 2005 event, having rolled over Guatemala by a score of 4-0 in last year’s final.

This year’s 28-team tournament will take place from August 14-27 with 23 teams from the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) along with invited teams El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico joining Canada to round out the field. Hart and his charges will begin preparations with a four day training camp in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on August 8 before traveling to Trinidad and Tobago on August 12.

The Canadians have been drawn into Group A along with Bermuda, El Salvador and Guyana and will play their first round matches at Dwight York Stadium in Tobago. The first place team in each of the seven groups along with the best second place finisher will advance to the quarterfinals.

In capturing last year’s championship, Canada defeated Dominica (9:0), Grenada (6:0) and St. Lucia (9:0) in the group stage before toping Netherlands Antilles (6:0) in the quarterfinals, Jamaica (4:2) in the semi-finals and Guatemala (4:0) in the final.

'We felt that this Tournament would be the ideal opportunity to give new players experience in CONCACAF and the opportunity to be evaluated,” said Hart. “As a consequence 11 new players will be involved.'

There will be additional incentive for the CFU teams in this year’s event as it will double as the Caribbean Preliminary Qualification to the CONCACAF U-17 Final Round Qualifier taking place in April 2007 in Jamaica and Honduras. The top finishing Caribbean team (excluding Jamaica) will join Canada, Mexico, USA, two teams from Central America and the group hosts in the 2007 CONCACAF U-17 Final Round. Five teams will advance from the final round to represent CONCACAF at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea 2007 taking place from August 18-September 8. The young Canadians will be looking to qualify for their first U-17 World Cup since the 1995 championship in Ecuador.

Following the tournament, Hart will join the men’s national team to prepare for the September 4th (Labour Day) international friendly against Jamaica at the Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard in Montreal, QC at 4:00 pm ET. Tickets are priced $15.00 and $25.00 plus applicable taxes and are available through admission.com.

Match Schedule

August 15 – Canada versus Bermuda – Dwight York Stadium (Tobago) @ 5:00pm

August 17 – Canada versus El Salvador – Dwight York Stadium (Tobago) @ 1:00pm

August 19 – Canada versus Guyana – Dwight York Stadium (Tobago) @ 7:00pm

August 22 – Quarterfinals

August 24 – Semifinals

August 26 – Finals and Third Place Game

Caribbean Cup Roster

# Pos. Player Club DOB Hometown Prov.

1 GK BLAKLEY, Jason NTC - Prairies 10-Feb-90 Regina SK

2 D STRAITH, Adam NTC - British Columbia 11-Sep-90 Victoria BC

3 D TANNOUS, Daniel NTC - Ontario 13-Apr-90 Thornhill ON

4 MF DAVIES, Phillipe Dijon FCO (France) 12-Dec-90 St-Hubert QC

5 D SMITH, Greg NTC - British Columbia 07-Mar-90 N. Vancouver BC

6 D MARTINEZ, Chris NTC - Prairies 2-Apr-90 Edmonton AB

7 M CARRIÉ, Cédric NTC - Quebec 16-Aug-90 Brossard QC

8 MF GUNENC, Devin NTC - British Columbia 11-Feb-90 N. Vancouver BC

9 F EDWINI-BONSU, Randy NTC - Prairies 20-Apr-90 Edmonton AB

10 F SEMENETS, Alex NTC - Ontario 10-Mar-90 Mississauga ON

11 F MAHLI, Dalvir NTC - British Columbia 2-Jan-90 Surrey BC

12 MF SYLLA, Mohamed NTC - Quebec 14-Apr-90 Pierrefonds QC

13 D PARENTEAU-MICHON, Colin NTC - Quebec 15-Jul-90 Montreal QC

14 MF CHAN-YU-TIN, Kevin NTC - Quebec 11-Jul-90 Lasalle QC

15 F JOHNSTONE, Marcus NTC - Prairies 27-Mar-90 Edmonton AB

16 F ASIAMAH-WHITEMAN, Jarek NTC - Ontario 28-Jun-90 Brampton ON

17 D LEAL, Erick NTC - Ontario 23-Aug-06 Whitby ON

22 GK LATENDRESSE LÉVESQUE, Julien NTC - Quebec 27-Feb-91 Chambly QC


MONTAGLIANI, Victor - Head of Delegation

HART, Stephen - Head Coach

FLEMING, Sean - Assistant Coach

LAARABI, Djamel - Equipment Manager/Goalkeeper Coach

HEPENSTALL, Janet - Athletic Therapist

MICHELUCCI, Daniel - Team Manager

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It's nice to see that they have upgraded the competition with the addition of some good CONCACAF teams (Mexico, Panama, El alvador and Guatemala). That means that from the quaterfinals we should have decent games and a good first round game too against the Salvadorian.....15-16 yrs old is the perfect age to start hating them ;)

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I wonder if Chris Sherriffe is still hurt. He was a star of this tournament last year, but badly tore up a knee and was sidelined for a while.

With the exception of Phillipe Davis, none of the European contingent is going: Adam Street (rumoured to be at West Ham), Olivier Lacoste-Lebuis (rumoured to be at Strasbourg), Antonio Rago (Deruto, Italy), and David Hoillet (Blackburn).

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#17 Erik Leal must be the youngest player ever to play for an U-17 National Team......

Apart for the "not even born yet" Leal, we only have one U-15 player with this team, the goalie from Quebec, Julien Latendresse-Lévesque.

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

that is a fantastic question L.T. i wonder if the CSA figures it would lessen the prestige if the club was listed as Surrey United as opposed to NTC Vancouver?

Neither is particularly prestigious, and don't all the local players play in NTC's?

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agreed L.T.

in fact the provincial and CSA programs have very little respect for the players considering the locations of the NTC's. catering to the programs' head offices rather than locating many NTC's throughout each province. So in hindsight, I suppose it is no surprise at all they are listed as playing for the NTC rather than their club teams.

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What about it is easier that way???

Honestly I'm pretty sure Hart sent a list of the players he called up with their NTC affiliation (because when Hart and NT coaches scout these players it's normally at the Nationals or at the NTC's site) and someone wrote the release. I don't think it has anything to do with respect to the clubs.

It's crazy how people are looking for problems on this site. Those releases are read by 100-200 hardcore fans in Canada, I'm not sure it would change a lot if they were writting the clubs affiliations of the payers. Yes it would be nice but I don't see a problem because they aren,t doing it.

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Personally, I think that fact that they can't be bothered to keep track of the clubs shows the lack of respect. (I notice they had no trouble identifying the clubs of the European-based players.)

It would make A LOT of difference if they posted the club affiliation. The named clubs would appreciate the recognition and likely publicize that to their members, which would in turn show the current players that they may actually have a future in the game.

Based on the stats from my site (www.ontariosoccerweb.com) Players love hearing about their peers moving on to bigger and better things. The generic 'NTC', which only means something to the 30 or so players lucky enough to be good enough and to live near the Centre, does nothing to help form a connection between our youth players and the National team program.

You'd be surprised how far a simple gesture like naming the club goes towards enhancing the relationship between the CSA and grassroots organizations. It helps shed the 'ivory tower' image that the governing bodies currently have...

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So you think the CSA is having a politic of disrespecting the clubs?

For what it's worth I,ve already seen CSA releases with the club affiliations of the players, I,ve seen CSA releases with no NTC or clubs affiliations and only the hometown of the players. I don't think you can conlucde anythin from that apart that they don't have an uniform manner of presenting their rosters, I think it's the coach call.

BTW, this thread is about 15-16 yrs old who are going to a big tournament so please feel free to start a new thread about the CSA disrespecting the clubs, but I don,t think the purpose of this thread is to do that.

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(I've never seen youth clubs mentioned in a CSA release)

But you're right - the topic is the tourney. I think exposing these kids to Caribbean and Central American games will help greatly when they will be going down for WC qualifying in about 5-10 years.

I'm hoping the hardcore fans come out to try and intimidate our boys so they can learn to deal with not only the opponent but the entire atmosphere that comes with a road game in CONCACAF!

Kick butt guys.

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quote:Originally posted by bettermirror

well the tournament kicksoff in 1 week. is there any way to get a progress update on preparations? exhibition matches, etc...?

In the CSA release they didn't mention any exhibition matches, I think Hart should use those 4-5 days in Florida for training and get those players to train together.

And I'm not expecting the CSA to release details about preparations even if this would be really nice (I think USA soccer does it for their MNT when they have a camp or a friendly, I'm not sure if they do it for their youth teams).

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First post, so please go easy, eh kids?

The U16 Natl Team for this Caribbean Cup prepares first in FLA to train together for the first time so that Hart can prepare his first squad accordingly. There are a few of the usual suspects from last yr's U15 squad but a number of new additions would need bonding time.

Here's hoping that with the inclusion of strong CONCACAF youth squads, the tournament will prove more competitive than last year's folly. No disrespect, but Jamaica had the only youth squad that provided any ammunition, whereas the rest of the countries involved had a total pop of Barrie... OK... Maybe Regina. My point being that if demographics play any part at all, why seek opposition such as Guyana or Bermuda? Any slip up would only be viewed as disastrous.

More friendlies against Mexico, El Salvador, the US, are the real test, and all the better at the youth level.

... and the CSA website will update the matches quickly. Esp if destroying weaker opposition.


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Welcome to the board, good first post!

We should not forget that this group of players played in the Ballymena tournament this spring againt very tough oppositions (5 quality games) so I've nothing against the fact that they'll play weaker oppositions in this tournament. BTW, we still have to beat El Salvador to get out of that group so it could a tough one for us.

I'm prety sure Hart will find some tough friendlies before the next round of qualification start.

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Thanks, Loyola.

It's also good to see that half the squad is different from the squad that went to Ballymena. This expansion of the player pool that Osiek started with the Men's team, and then furthered by Yallop, will also be employed with the youth pgm will rue the same benefits.

Yet re: Ballymena, Canada scored only 1 goal in round-robin play with 5 against (same old song and dance). We can see that, with the exception of perhaps Mitchell's squad, finishing is still an Achilles heel in the youth pgm against stronger opposition. This will only improve against stronger opposition and extending the player pool. They show they are on the right track, however.

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