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Women's V Cup East Match 20: Toronto v Ottawa [R]


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TORONTO LYNX            vs.            OTTAWA FURY

         24660342466034.jpg                    24660302466030.jpg

Sunday, July 23, 2006 - 6:00 PM EDT

Centennial Park Stadium, Toronto


Rogers Television Toronto



Ottawa have won their third consecutive WVCE.

Ottawa 6-0-1 23-4 18
Toronto 4-2-1 22-3 14
Laval 3-3-2 20-8 12
Hamilton 3-1-4 10-18 10
Sudbury 0-0-8 2-44 0

1 May 20 - Laval 3-0 Hamilton
2 May 27 - Ottawa 5-0 Hamilton
3 May 28 - Ottawa 6-0 Sudbury
4 May 31 - Toronto 4-0 Hamilton
5 June 3 - Sudbury 0-3 Toronto
6 June 4 - Hamilton 3-0 Sudbury
7 June 10 - Sudbury 1-4 Hamilton
8 June 14 - Hamilton 0-4 Toronto
9 June 17 - Sudbury 1-8 Laval
10 June 18 - Toronto 0-0 Laval
11 June 24 - Hamilton 1-1 Laval
12 June 25 - Hamilton 2-0 Ottawa
13 June 28 - Laval 1-2 Ottawa
14 July 1 - Ottawa 2-1 Toronto
15 July 9 - Laval 1-1 Toronto
16 July 15 - Toronto 9-0 Sudbury
17 July 16 - Laval 6-0 Sudbury
18 July 19 - Ottawa 3-0 Laval
19 July 22 - Sudbury 0-5 Ottawa
20 July 23 - Toronto vs. Ottawa[/code]



   »  W-League:     7-3-1   36-3    24   (2nd place in Northern Division)   ·   Last match: July 15 - Toronto 9 Sudbury 0

   »  Lady Lynx kick off last week of regular season - Toronto Lynx (through OurSports Central), July 18


   »  W-League:   10-0-1   37-6    30   (1st place in Northern Division)   ·   Last match: July 22 - Sudbury 0 Ottawa 5

[*]Ottawa and Toronto have clinched the two W-League playoff spots in the Northern Division. Ottawa have clinched first place and will host Toronto in the division final.


[*]Last match (WVCE):

   »  July 1, 2006  - Ottawa 2 Toronto 1

[*]All-time results at Toronto (all WVCE):

   »  July 17, 2005 - Toronto 1 Ottawa 3

[*]All-time records:

   »  WVCE at Toronto  : Toronto 0-0-1 Ottawa

   »  WVCE Overall       : Toronto 0-0-3 Ottawa

   »  Overall at Toronto : Toronto 0-0-1 Ottawa

   »  Overall                : Toronto 0-0-4 Ottawa

Voyageurs Cup

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For Immediate Release

Toronto Lynx Game Report

Lady Lynx End Regular Season with a Tie

Advance to W-League Playoffs

Date: July 23, 2006

Venue: Centennial Park Stadium, Toronto, Ontario

Attendance: 1383

Kick Off Time: 6:00 PM EST

Final Score: Toronto 1 Ottawa 1

Match Summary:

The Toronto Lady Lynx ended their W-League regular season with a 1-1 tie at home against the Ottawa Fury in front of 1383 fans at Centennial Park Stadium this afternoon.

Before the match the Toronto Lady Lynx player awards were handed out. This year’s winners included: Rookie of the Year – Justine Bernier; Best Defensive Player – Robin Rushton and Vonya Beckles; Best Offensive Player – Sylvia Forbes; Fan Favourite – Nicole Martineau; MVP – Deana Everett.

The match got underway after the award formalities had been completed, but both clubs needed time to settle as they struggled with a slippery and bumpy pitch left behind by heavy rain earlier in the day.

Toronto needed about half an hour to find its rhythm and took the lead in the 31st minute. Nat Martineau’s run down the right side ended in a low centering cross that Sylvia Forbes redirected into the bottom right of goal.

Ottawa came close to an equaliser 8 minutes later when Mallory Outerbridge volleyed a high ball towards goal, but her effort was well stopped by a diving save from Toronto goalkeeper Anne Ogendele. It was 1-0 to Toronto at the half.

Ottawa came close again 8 minutes after the restart. Eilish McConville’s shot from well out of the area came off of the top of Toronto’s crossbar.

Ottawa did find an equaliser in the 58th minute after a nice set of passes that led to a run by McConville down the right side. Her low cross was tapped in from close range by Amy Vermeulen, putting Ottawa back on level terms.

Ottawa almost took the lead in the 77th minute when Kelly Parker had a breakaway down the centre of the pitch, and after rounding ‘keeper Ogendele shot at goal, only to see her effort headed away by Catharine Marroszeky who was well placed to make the stop. This was the last legitimate scoring chance of the match and it was 1-1 at the final whistle.

Tonight’s result leaves Toronto with a final regular season record of 7-1-4 and leaves them in second place of the W-Leagues Eastern Conference – Northern Division. Toronto advances to the Eastern Conference semi-finals this Wednesday and will face Ottawa again to battle for a place in the Eastern Conference final mini tournament. The match is set for 6:00 at Keith Harris Stadium in Ottawa.

Final Score: Toronto 1 Ottawa 1

Scorers: Toronto: Forbes (Martineau) 31 Ottawa: Vermeulen (McConville) 58

The Toronto Lady Lynx' next game is against the Ottawa Fury on Wednesday July 26th in Ottawa, Ontario.



416-251-4625 ext. 23

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Result of the Sunday July 23, 2006 W-League game between Toronto Lady Lynx and Ottawa Fury played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 6:00pm.

30 min…Lady Lynx Sylvia Forbes GOAL…LL Finella Annand pushes ball right and LL Natalie Martineau rolls ball forward to Forbes who tucks 4 yarder low past sprawling goalie Leisha Alcia on right inside post.

57 min…Fury Amy Vermeulen GOAL…OF Eilish McConville rushes on right and pass forward to Vermeulen who puts 7 yard shot low between right post and falling goalie Anne Ogundele.

Final Score:……….Toronto Lady Lynx……….1…………Ottawa Fury………..1……….

Attendance was about 700 on this hot evening. The sun came out in the second half and played a factor against the Lady Lynx goalie who was often staring into the sun. The field was wet because of the thunderstorm, rain and hail that had fallen in the afternoon possibly cutting into the walk-up crowd today.

This was a game between the two best teams of the Northern Division with both clinching spots last week. Yesterday the Fury assured themselves of 1st place which means they host the Lady Lynx this Wednesday night in Ottawa so the game didn’t affect the standings. Head coach Frank Lofranco has guided the Fury to five division titles in a row. The players didn’t play with any less intensity but the choice of some of the starters let it be known that neither team was going to reveal their complete hand before the one game playoff which will let the winner advance to the W-League championship in New Jersey.

Both teams started their back up goalies with Anne Ogundele playing the whole game for the Lady Lynx and looking especially strong in the second half and the Fury starting with Leisha Alcia and subbing in Taryn Swiatek at halftime. The Fury made a massive substitution at halftime besides switching goalies and that was bringing in Eilish McConville, Diana Matheson, Amy Vermeulen, and Kelly Parker for Zoe Avner, Leah Robinson, Carrie Kveton, and Mallory Outerbridge. The Lady Lynx only subbed defender Tanya Dennis for Robin Rushton and waited until 63 minutes before subbing in Melissa Bigg, Jennifer Williams, and Fyana Christopoulous for Nicole Mailloux, Natalie Martineau, and Finella Annand.

While both teams had a chance to score a winner near the end of the game the best chances were when at 77 minutes, Fury Kelly Parker ran past Catharine Marosszeky on run up the middle and deked the sprawling goalie but her 5 yard shot had Marosszeky head the ball off the line as she got behind the goalie to play back up. One minute earlier, Allysha Chapman ends a rush with a 12 yard shot off the goalie Taryn Swiatek’s face after receiving a tipped pass from LL Jennifer Williams after an LL player had crossed from the right.

This was the best game of the season (although the goalless Laval Comets game was good too) with both teams showing great ball control and the game being a nail biter until the final whistle. Team manager/broadcast game commentator Stephanie Rushton agreed that Wednesday’s game that turned out to be against players from the Lynx under 15 and 16 boys’ teams was a better tune up for this game than the scheduled exhibition against Oakville Storm which would probably have been a blow-out. Since the Lynx severed their ties with the Oakville club last year, this was a surprise why that game was on the schedule from the beginning of the year but it could have been Oakville’s revenge to string the Lynx along until one day before the game. Rushton agreed. The boys were more physical which was good practise against the many big players on the Fury.

Before the game some of the Lady Lynx were presented with season end awards. Rookie of the year went to goalie Justine Bernier. Defender of the year was shared between Robin Rushton and Vonya Beckles. Offensive player went to Sylvia Forbes. The Fan MVP chosen by balloting from the last home game was Natalie Martineau (I was on the field and presented that award). Team MVP was Deanna Everrett.

Tonight’s game was the last Lady Lynx home game of the season. They had a record of four wins and two ties in their six league home games and I enjoyed their effort in all of them.

Rocket Robin


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having watched those two teams perform

would you say that the players show more creativity and flair and passing game is much better than our national team both the u20 and the WNT.

I know I enjoy watching the passing game of the fury better that the kick and run game game of our nats.

are you coming to Ottawa for the playoff game?

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It was more entertaining. Alf Rubbens publisher of Inside Soccer was raving about how good this was and suggested Even Pellurud should be here to watch this.

Of course it is more important to win and we'll see what happens in Russia later this year...

I don't know how long they'll have to train together before the tournament starts.

I just stick to home games so won't be travelling to Ottawa.

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